"Returning the Gold to the Earth"

By Infusing it With Ancient Priestess Wisdom

Welcome to Ritual Goddess

A place to celebrate Goddess Consciousness

I created Ritual Goddess as an offering toward what I call ‘returning the gold to the earth by reinfusing it with ancient priestess wisdom’. This reinfusion includes a vast spectrum of wisdom which you can read about here in my blog as well as in my books and novels.


Author of Five Books

I am the Author of Five Books:The Amazon PatternWelcoming LilithOde to Minoa, Stories They Told Me and The Strega and the Dreamer.

The Amazon Pattern: A Message from Ancient Women Diviners of Trees and Time
What is an Amazon Woman? Mythical or actual, what were these fierce women fighting for? Perhaps there is more to their story than we have been told.

Welcoming Lilith Lilith is a Goddess who is misunderstood. She is reputed to be Adam’s first wife before Eve & represents the first powerful & liberated female in history. Then why was she banished?

Ode to Minoa is the novel of a Snake Priestess in Bronze Age Crete who, through a series of trance visions, witnesses the history of modern women.

Stories They Told Me is a novel of shamanism and time travel also set in Bronze Age Crete.

The Strega and the Dreamer, tells the story of a Strega, (Italian wisewoman) immigrating to America at the turn of the last century.


After writing two novels about a priestess diviner in Minoan Crete and another novel exploring the Strega lineage in my family, in 2009 I was guided to embark on a journey to become initiated as a diviner in an ancient African tradition.

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