Books by Theresa C. Dintino

I am the Author of Seven Books:

  • Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones

  • Notes From a Diviner in the Postmodern World: A Handbook for Spirit Workers

  • The Amazon Pattern

  • Welcoming Lilith

  • Ode to Minoa

  • Stories They Told Me  

  • The Strega and the Dreamer.


Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones

Teachings from the Trees cover 150In Teachings from the Trees: Spiritual Mentoring from the Standing Ones, Theresa C. Dintino offers guidance and instruction about how to work energetically with the trees. She gives detailed accounts of what the trees have taught her and relates the story of her relationship to specific trees.

In this book you will learn how to —
*Locate and communicate with trees who will become your allies.
*Build healing space for your community.
*Release trapped or stuck spirits who were unable to properly cross into the ancestral realm.
*Clean up locations on the land from infractions and trauma.
*Interact with guardians and groves.
*Steward the land and community you serve by becoming embedded in your local root system and developing a network of healing energy.
You will also meet some of Theresa’s personal tree guides including
The Moon Tree, The Dragon Tree and The Grandmother Oak.

The history and legacy of the human relationship to trees is a long one. It’s time to reignite it for the benefit and care of Mother Earth.

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Notes From a Diviner in the Postmodern World: A Handbook for Spirit Workers

Notes From a Diviner in the Postmodern World A Handbook for Spirit WorkersWhat does it mean to bring indigenous wisdom to the postmodern world? How do divination and ritual fit into modern society? How does one integrate ancient spiritual teachings into a western mindset while remaining true to the original meaning?

Notes from a Diviner in the Postmodern World: A Handbook for Spirit Workers is a guidebook for both diviners and spirit workers of any tradition. In this book, Dintino describes what she calls the landscape of the otherworld, revealed to her through spirits-ancestors, archangels, elemental and light beings-in her divinations.

Whatever your spiritual tradition, there’s always a shared landscape of the otherworld. Understanding the landscape will help you navigate your own spiritual terrain.

Learning how to be an effective diviner and spirit worker also means that you must interact fully with the wisdom of the place where you live, which includes learning from all living things including mountains and water.

This powerful handbook teaches you how to heal your world by exploring inter-dimensional realms and ultimately becoming a spiritual steward of the Earth.

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The Amazon Pattern: A Message from Ancient Women Diviners of Trees and Time

AMAZON FRONT COVERWhat is an Amazon Woman? Mythical or actual, what were these fierce women fighting for? Perhaps there is more to their story than we have been told.

In a forest in Northern California, Dintino encounters a Tree that tells her she does not like her pattern. Surprised and intrigued by this statement, Dintino asks the Tree what pattern it does like.

“What happened to the Amazon Pattern?” the Tree responds. “I want the Amazon Pattern.”

This mysterious meeting propels Dintino onto the journey described in her book. With curiosity and wonder leading her, Dintino uncovers a thread of messages that ancient Amazon Women hid, discovers a lost tradition of priestess-diviners, and begins to understand and restore this mystical cosmology of Trees and Time called The Amazon Pattern.

Discover this ancient pattern that has been stored away in Time and find out what it has to offer today’s world.
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Welcoming Lilith: Awakening and Welcoming Pure Female Power

Theresa-Dintino-Welcoming-Lilith-coverLilith is a Goddess and mythological figure who is misunderstood. She is reputed to be Adam’s first wife before Eve, and she represents the first powerful and liberated female in history. Then why was she banished?

Through commentary and reflection on the multifaceted aspects of Lilith, Theresa C. Dintino guides the reader on an exciting inner journey to reclaim her own repressed parts. By examining how these  Lilith energies may show up in her own life, the reader is encouraged to do the work to bring them back to life.

Rituals included in the book offer the opportunity to explore these powerful but often feared aspects. Reclaiming the lost fragments-her power, her anger, her shadow, her sexuality, her creativity and her deep inner truth-returns the female psyche to a state of wholeness and integration.   Buy direct from Dark Planet Publishing
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The Strega & the Dreamerthe-strega-front-cover-150

It is the story of a man who is willing to sacrifice everything for a dream, and a passionate woman questioning the confining roles allowed to 19th century women.

The Strega and the Dreamer is the tale of Italian immigrants coming to America from the Abruzzi region of Italy at the turn of the last century.

Eva is an Italian Strega, a midwife and healer, fully committed to her small hilltop village. Marcello is a man with a dream of America—a dream that Eva does not share. Famine comes to the Abruzzi & Marcello goes to America, leaving his family behind as he searches for a more prosperous life.

Eva dedicates herself to her Strega duties and the people of the village. Though it is taboo for a woman to do so, with the help of a doctor from the city she secretly learns of modern medicine. When Marcello finally calls for her, Eva has a decision to make. She must choose between staying in her beloved Abruzzi where she has her family and her Strega calling, or moving to America, where midwifery is considered barbaric and is being systematically eliminated.

Read reviews of The Strega and the Dreamer here.

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Ode to Minoa

odeWhen Aureillia, the young Snake Priestess in Bronze Age Crete, begins having visions of an unspeakable evil, her simple life is thrown into turmoil.

As a member of a Goddess worshiping culture, her life is ruled by the cycles of the moon and deep connection to earth but soon will be affected by a far greater force. Visions of the future lead Aureillia to a loss of innocence and the discovery of her extraordinary power and the power in every woman.

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Stories They Told Me

storiesIn an underground temple on the island of Malta, Danelle and Aureillia witness a vision of the future that shocks and horrifies them. Danelle journeys to Africa.

There, with the local shaman, walking in and out of his own simultaneous lives, he explores the heartbreaking questions of his soul. Aureillia returns to her home in Bronze Age Crete where shock waves of a prophecy she told as a Snake Priestess years before resonate in ways unexpected. Can they find a way to change the future separation of men and women that appears to loom inevitable?

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