#NastyWomenWriters: Simone de Beauvoir Wrote the Story of My Life, Michelle Barthel Kratts

  My awakening occurred the week of my birthday in 1984. I had just turned thirteen. Thirteen is a magical year for girls of many cultures. It is the year we “come of age.” There are rituals and ceremonies marking the “rite of passage.” Generations back, it is possible that some of our grandmothers may have even been married at this same tender age. For me, during the week of my thirteenth birthday, everything changed after I stepped into a little book shop on Queen Street in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada—when I discovered the works of Simone de Beauvoir. Learn more about the...

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#NastyWomenWriters: Jane Eyre’s Righteous Anger, Charlotte Brontë –1847

Jane Eyre’s Righteous Anger, Charlotte Brontë –1847 Theresa C. Dintino Jane is Plain. Jane is fiery. Jane is passionate. She is outspoken. She will not be controlled. Jane is powerful and articulate but most of all, Jane is angry. Brontë’s character, Jane Eyre, was criticized as unchristian, vulgar, and unfeminine. Jane rails against her position in life—an orphaned, moneyless woman in Victorian England—feeling her lack of options unjust and unfair. Jane thinks thoughts women in the 1840s were not supposed to think. Thoughts like: I am equal. I wish to be treated as equal. Learn more...

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