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Strengthening the Body Systems: Session 7 – December 9, 2016

Strengthening the Body Systems- A Ritual in 9 Parts Session 7 Friday,  December  9  at 10:00 am Ragle Ranch Park Sebastopol, CA Participate remotely or in person At the request of Earth’s elemental allies, Strega Tree will be guiding 9 free group rituals to strengthen the organs and repair the membranes of all the physical bodies in our community. Due to the increasing overload of rays that penetrate the Earth from deep in the cosmos, and also from our modern technology, the bodies’ systems are taxed. The Elemental Beings, whom we refer to as the wedeme, have reminded us that the body is...

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The Birth of the New World Tree

To the Mayans, the World Tree Yaxkil created the directions and the nine worlds that emanate out from that. The tree, as it grows, dictates the waves and cycles of physical life and human consciousness. The tree creates time. In the Mayan tradition, the calendar is sacred. Each day has its own character and meaning. Specific rituals are performed on each day to keep time alive. This is the work of the shamans in this tradition: keeping time alive. They do this consistently through divination and ritual. Martin Prechtel’s book, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic eloquently speaks of this...

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What is Divination?

*a time for checking in with the otherworld *a time for deep listening *a time for diagnosis *a time for prescription a time for checking in with the otherworld Divination is a time to bring to light energies that are unseen to us that are nevertheless pushing against and affecting our present 3D reality. In the village in Africa where the divination tradition I practice is from, people would not think of making a big decision or undergoing a large change without checking in with the ancestors and spirits in the other dimensions through divination. It is similar to the way we would consult...

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