It feels like a good time of year to “clean house” so to speak and make room for the energy of springtime. Let’s take some time to clear those winter cobwebs out of our emotional and psychic space.

Ritual of Release

You will need:

  • a medium sized bowl of warm water
  • favorite essential oil or cream (one that is suitable to apply directly to  skin)
  • a colored liquid(red wine, colored juice or tea), 1/2 the amount of the water

The Ritual:

  1. Take 5 minutes to breathe and ground into your body
  2. Write out into your journal or onto paper what you wish to release or have release from, or both, very intimately and passionately so that these feelings and knowings are very present in your body
  3. Dipping your fingers into the water, massage it onto the space on your body and skin where each chakra is located, asking the water to clear and cleanse out of each chakra that which is being released —pay attention to what is revealed by each chakra as you do this. Are some more cluttered and dense than others? What are they saying to you? Not sure what and where chakras are located? click here.
  4. As you clear the chakra with the water, shake that which is being released off your fingers and into the bowl of colored liquid. (yes, this may only be energetic)
  5. Now apply the cream or essential oil onto the space on your body where each chakra is located and where you carried out the water release as a way to replace, replenish and heal it
  6. Taking the bowl of water and the colored liquid, pour the colored liquid into the clear water, offering what was released or what you have been released from into the water to be cleared and metabolized by the water and become food. You can speak your prayers and intentions to the water as you do this. The water is carrying out this healing
  7. Take the water outside and offer it and the released materials to the earth with gratitude and love. if you live in a city or do not have access to an outdoor space, you can pour this out into a sink.
  8. Return to the space where you carried out the ritual and burn sage or resin, or lightly splash fresh water,  to further clear yourself and the space
  9. Take some time to write thoughts of what you experienced and understood as you carried out this ritual into your journal.
  10. Give yourself a big hug.

Repeat as needed.

Happy pre-spring!

© Theresa C. Dintino 2024


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