The WINTER SOLSTICE AND JOURNALING RITUAL created by myself and Yael Wolfe is a perfect tool for getting in touch with your deep soul desires this coming weekend from which to better set your sails of intention for 2023.

Yael and I created this as a solstice ritual when most of us did not have time to sit with it. But now, as we move toward the New Year, many of us may finally find ourselves with the time and the will to get quiet and reflect.

Since the ritual is available through January 2nd, why not take advantage of this great opportunity.

First there is a conversation between Yael and I about darkness and the imbalance between light and dark that most of us experience in our lives due to our modern lifestyles. We also discuss the concept of experiencing the darkness as nurturing and offer a ritual to help one engage more fully with darkness in a nourishing and sustaining way.

Let’s get to know the darkness.
What if the darkness is actually a helper? A friend? Are you ready to journey into this space with us?
Let’s go.

Once you listen to the conversation and receive the ritual, you are guided through a visualization and meditation which moves into journaling around many pertinent and profound questions.

The entire package is available as a pay what you can offering beginning at $2.00.

If interested, you may access the portal here.

Yael Wolfe is a writer, photographer and artist deeply embedded in nature and spirituality. She is a kick-ass feminist with a voice full of power and truth. With her writing, Yael asks important questions about the lives and choices many of us are living. She encourages us to reconsider many of our baseline beliefs. She helps us understand ourselves in new ways.

It has been a gift for me to encounter and get to know Yael through her writing and work and now through this collaboration with her on Howl: A Temple of Wolf Women.

Find Yael at her website or at her medium page
You will be glad that you did.

Fruitful and Peace Filled New Year to All!