Be part of the first annual Womb-A-Thon! July 31-August 1, 2016

48532You are hereby invited to join us during the Womb-A-Thon Live event taking place on July 31st and flowing into Aug 1st

What is the Womb-A-Thon?

It’s a live event waking women to the Sacredness of their Womb.

Is this event for you?  We are going deep within the sacred womb to talk about things such as:
–  PeriMenopause & Menopause
–  Fibroids and uncreated desires
–  Sexual Abuse/Sexual Trauma
–  How trauma affects your body & relationships
–  We’re discussing emotions such as Anger, Rage, Guilt & Shame
–  Bringing awareness & understanding to the Power we hold as women

In between our womb time conversations, we’ll be offering womb teachings, mini readings, we’ll be answering your questions, helping you move through something you feel stuck in and so much more…

Who are we?  We are a Group of Women dedicated & committed to Waking Women to their Power as Women, to helping them Remember who they are and to Own & Claim their Power so they can live the life they Know they’re here to live.

Womb Expert Speakers include:
Cindy Lindsay, Theresa Dintino, Piara Kaur, Susan Gala, Jacqueline, Rolandelli & the beautiful Indigenous GrandMother Elder, Arapata
And your host, Tamara SpiritualMidwife

Come join the Party, the Fun and share in Good Times with us…Register today

Looking forward to seeing you on the Inside of our Sacred Womb Circle.