September 2018 Radio Interview with Theresa C. Dintino about Divination, Spiritual Lineages and Working with Elemental Beings

Recently I was interviewed again on the Mystical Positivist Radio Show hosted By Dr. Robert Schmidt and Stuart Goodnick  on KOWS-LP 107.3 FM in Occidental, CA. This is the second time I was invited to be a guest on this lively and engaging show. This time we touched a bit on current events, new projects and then delved even more deeply into the subject of divination and how ones becomes a diviner, the elemental beings and how they work with us, spiritual lineages and how to find them and realign with them. Once again the interview itself offered me much reflection and time for thought as the...

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#Nastywomenwriters now has a Website of its own: nastywomenwriters.com

We have so enjoyed writing the posts about #nastywomenwriters over the past year that we have created a website dedicated specifically to that. If you have enjoyed reading the posts about #nastywomenwriters from history, then join us at nastywomenwriters.com to continue the fun. We have expanded our subjects to #Nastywomen of Literature, Art, STEM and Activism. We have also added the columns Why Nasty Women Writers? and Women and Ambition. Read more about these subjects by clicking on the links above. We is me and my sister Maria, who live on opposite coasts but have the same view of this...

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