April 23, 2023 1pm-3:30

Outdoor location in Sebastopol, CA $30 

Space is limited. Register soon at stregatree.com under the classes or rituals tab or at this link.

The Earth is invigorated and energized by its internal mineral grid. The crystal grid is multi functional. It acts as protection for Earth and all life systems, like a laser grid shown in movies surrounding a jewel. You are invited to join with Strega Tree Collective to learn a technique to reset the stones to their individual crystal groupings. Removing the stones without permission breaks their connection to the Earth’s veinous system. You will be shown a practice you can repeat with your own stones at home. We will give you methods to reconnect those stones to the living grid.  

Join us in this ritual to: 

*Learn about crystal groupings and their purpose 

*Experience the art of ritual crafted by elemental beings 

*Understand how to reactivate your crystals at home and connect them back to source 

Strega Tree is a collective of diviners working with the elemental beings, cosmic entities, our own ancestral lineages and the Dagara tradition of West Africa. Our purpose and intention is to bring healing by listening deeply to beings in the other dimensions for what is needed at this Time on the planet. stregatree.com 

Location in Sebastopol provided upon registration. Register here.


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