Co-dreaming with the Planet

earth goddessThe subject of tending to the Earth is one that can be extremely painful at this time. Many of us find ourselves in a state of despair over what is happening and has been happening to the Earth, not knowing in which way to act.

Many of us wish to nurture, help, protect and support life systems but the damage to the Earth is so severe, we also understand that we may be beyond the tipping point. Because of this, many of our current efforts may feel futile. What can  a prayer or making offerings do to help with the climate crisis and extinction rates that are upon us?

In an effort to help those of us who want to stay engaged while remaining aware of the annihilation and collapse of life systems that is currently occurring on our planet, I pondered and asked what we could possibly do to help the Earth from a spiritual perspective. It was tough. I had to push through a lot of grief to even listen for a message, but I did and I was told that co-dreaming with the Earth is one thing that we can do to attend to the spiritual dimensions of this crisis.

We can listen to the soul of the planet in the darkness and collaborate with her. We can rest and help Earth rest. We can synch with Earth and dream with Earth and come into intimate relationship with her evolutionary processes.

It’s time to dream with this planet, collaborate with her, become active co-creators with the Earth. It is more essential than ever to focus on listening to her soul, her dark interior.

The Earth needs our dreaming. Our brains fall into a rhythm during dreaming that feeds the Earth. Humans used to dream collectively and it’s time to begin again.

I was given this image of collective dreaming in divination, an image that remains with me: a group of humans in a cave, wearing white, sleeping in a circle together in the company of dogs. The dogs are also dreaming. I watch their astral bodies as they travel, yet the physical bodies stay as a circle. The circle of dreamers is surrounded by large, otherworldly birds; guardians of the dreams and the dreamers.

If you are interested in participating,  I will be offering a six-week program, beginning in September, for a group of people who wish to co-dream with the planet to listen for what it is she needs now. The program will include many components: it will be experiential, include video conferencing, individual work, and shamanic journeying, over a course of six weeks, leading to a time where we all dream together (at the same time) with the Earth. After co-dreaming, we will gather the information to receive the meta message. To include as many people as possible, this class will meet online.

I will be posting more details about this program in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates and more details.

Many Blessings to All,


©Theresa C. Dintino 2019