Membranes of Hope: A Guide to Attending to the Spiritual Boundaries that Keep Life Systems Healthy from the Personal to the Cosmic, is now available in ebook format.

Though I probably chose the most complicated title in the world for this book, the membranes as a concept isn’t difficult to understand. It is simply that everything that is alive is ensouled and everything that is ensouled has a container that is holding it. This container  is a permeable membrane which has its own integral or inherent intelligence and discernment as to what is allowed to get in and what must be kept out. It is a protective barrier concerned with the health of the interior, the innermost space, what could be called the soul (but you can call it something else if you prefer another word). 

The interior “soul space” creates the membrane just as the membrane creates the interior. In other words, the health of the two are intricately linked and intimately connected. All life systems have this design from a cell to a human to a community/ecosystem, and the Earth. 

The integrity of the membranes determines the health of the system and vice versa so—one of the main jobs of a spirit worker, shaman, witch, earth worker, etc  is to tend to these many layers of membranes to help life and life systems thrive. This book teaches one how to do just that. With shrines to build and rituals to do and instruction on how to listen and carry out the role of a human who is committed to tending to the membranes of life—if you are one of those people, this book is for you.

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This book has been written for people already on a medicine path, those who are just beginning, or those who simply want to be of service to their community and the Earth in some way. The reader may enter into the rituals and work offered at whatever level they wish and with whatever degree of commitment they choose.

The book as a guide leads one through the  practices and understandings needed to tend to the

  • Personal membranes
  • Family membranes
  • Village membranes
  • Earth membranes
  • Cosmic membranes

Readers interested in spirituality, healing, and ritual will be drawn to Dintino’s detailed guide to nurturing the interconnections of all things…the straightforward clarity of the manual is unmistakable. ~Booklife

I do believe this work is very important at these times and am excited to have more people join the movement. 

Buy the book here.

Be well.

©Theresa C. Dintino 2021

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