#Nastywomenwriters now has a Website of its own: nastywomenwriters.com


We have so enjoyed writing the posts about #nastywomenwriters over the past year that we have created a website dedicated specifically to that. If you have enjoyed reading the posts about #nastywomenwriters from history, then join us at nastywomenwriters.com to continue the fun. We have expanded our subjects to #Nastywomen of Literature, Art, STEM and Activism.

We have also added the columns Why Nasty Women Writers? and Women and Ambition.

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We is me and my sister Maria, who live on opposite coasts but have the same view of this subject. It is very rich and rewarding for us to be able to collaborate on this project.

NastyWomenWritersOrignialFor years, these women’s voices have been silenced and erased from the fabric of our collective experience. The devastation has been tremendous, girls and women not seeing themselves represented in roles of power and heroism, further perpetuating disempowerment and exploitation.

The vital threads of these women’s visions and voices destroyed and silenced, discrediting and discounting their contributions to the pattern, the pattern of a balanced, healthy paradigm.

Here we seek to restore and reveal their integral threads, a step toward weaving a pattern that will set us on the path to wholeness.

We are two literal sisters who rebelled all our lives, our big first effort at resistance when as young girls we packed up our Kool-Aid lunchboxes and spent an entire day in the woods and on the railroad trestle behind our house, imagining freedom. 

We are both writers and we are both #nasty.

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We are still looking for contributions from all you #Nastywomen out there. You can find out how to submit your ideas or pieces for considerations to nastywomenwriters.com here.

Be well and get #nasty.

~Theresa C. Dintino 2018