New Class for a New Year: Women and Ambition: Learn how to embrace ambition as the key to success 

imagesA one day workshop with Theresa C. Dintino

Saturday January 27, 2018



Location: Sebastopol, CA

Pre-registration and prepayment required. Register at this link: or go to under the classes tab 

Studies show that the majority of women fear or have an ambivalent relationship with ambition, and an even more difficult time receiving recognition in a positive way.  The conflicted relationship with these crucial issues is what currently stops women from achieving their dreams.

Come to this class to explore your ambition and your relationship to it. Learn the important secret of how recognition is a key factor in maintaining ambition. Learn how to harness your ambition and welcome recognition to turn your dreams into reality.

Leaving gender aside, what is ambition? A drive to express something one feels inside—to get it out—to create, to actualize a vision, a dream. Ambition is a push from within that utilizes our will forces. We have to work hard to actualize an ambition and yet the ambition itself often makes us willing to do that work. Often ambition can make us feel that we cannot not do the work. In that way it is a gift. It motivates us, makes us strive for the seeming impossible. Why is it then, that is has and continues to be difficult for a woman to own her own ambition?

Can we begin by stating clearly and confidently that there is nothing at all wrong with ambition?

In this workshop we will:

*Define and understand ambition and women’s relationship to it

*Identify the ways in which women are taught and encouraged to dismiss their ambition

*Explore the ways in which the culture discourages women in subtle ways from pursuing their ambition

*Locate, explore and express our own ambition

*Shift our perceptions of ambitions, including our own ambitions, to a positive and useful place in our minds

*Reprogram ourselves to see ambition in other women as inspiration rather than threat 

*Learn how to receive recognition and explore the difference between attention getting and recognition

*Create an online group for continued support in this effort

*Discuss ways to continue this work into the future

One of the conundrums seems to be that ambition is closely tied in with recognition. The data shows that “It is difficult for women to confront and address the unspoken mandate that they subordinate needs for recognition to those of others—particularly men. The expectation is so deeply rooted in the culture’s ideals of femininity that it is largely unconscious.”*

You will leave this workshop with a renewed understanding of ambition and how to keep it alive and active in your life to see yourself succeed in accomplishing what you hold as your most treasured goal.

~Theresa C. Dintino

*Anna Fels, “Do Women Lack Ambition?” Harvard Business Review, April, 2004.