The luminous life force, Nyame, is primal fire—the light and splendor of the cosmos. Our individual kra (soul) is the spark of Nyame within us—the eternal, never dying, immortal part of us. We are all connected to Nyame’s kra through our own kra. According to Eva Meyerowitz in The Sacred State of the Akan, to the Akan, gold is the symbol of the kra of Nyame.

Gold found in the ground was called “kra sika,” soul’s gold.

Think of all the legends about the golden ring trying to find its way back to its true owner, the earth.

I see the gold as women’s medicine that has been lost, forgotten or disappeared from the earth. Has indeed the Goddess Nyame suffered a similar fate? Have we forgotten that we too are golden since we are all a part of Nyame’s soul? This is not gender or species specific. This is everyone and everything that is alive. We are all a part of the whole of the Goddess. Part of returning the gold to the earth is returning Nyame to the consciousness of the earth and recovering the preciousness of our souls by restoring our relationships to the luminous life energy.

Some may have a different name for her than Nyame. Egyptians may have called her Nut, some may see her as the Cosmic Virgin, Mary. Others may call her Sophia, in Jewish lore she may be Shekhinah, in Italian, Diana or in Norse tradition, Gullveig, the golden one.

Nyame is the one who birthed the universe into being and continues to birth and sustain it every moment of every day.

If you would like to restore your connection to Nyame and the luminous life giving force of the universe, begin by tying a piece of white string around or to a branch of a tree. Tell Nyame you remember her and would like to be reconnected with her, be nurtured once again by her luminous light, thereby helping to return the gold to the earth.

~Theresa C. Dintino



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