Offerings You Can Make to the Earth at this Time of Discord in our Nation

lightning-gallery-18In light of the discord that has been brought to the surface with the recent election results in the United States, many people are left wondering what they can do.

I too have been listening for this.

Since I work on the level of ritual, I have been doing many on my own, but today have been given the following to offer you. The more people who are willing to do these rituals, the better. Do as many as you can and spread the word if you feel so inclined.

Rituals I am given to do are most often not what I would expect to receive when I sit down to ask. This I find encouraging, since I am aware that I personally do not have the bigger picture of what is needed and am clouded by my own emotions and particular point of view.

I will not add a lot of interpretation to these rituals as they are for you to go out and do yourselves and experience what you do from them. I will only insert my voice where I feel explanation is needed. Go and do these rituals with an open heart and listen for what you receive back. They are openings and invitations to delve more deeply into the collaborative interplay that spiritual practice truly is. I will insert my comments in parenthesis to let you know that is my voice, not the wedeme—the elemental beings of the wild, who have given you these rituals today.

You do not have to live in the United States or be a U.S. citizen to carry out these rituals.


  • Offer one jar (8oz) of hibiscus juice (get the dry hibiscus flowers or hibiscus tea and steep it in boiling water or leave out in the sun until it has a nice red color) and a flower of your choice upon the Earth (a place where the soil is exposed) to help reset the balance for all that has transpired that has hurt Her (Earth). You are going to the Earth with humility in this ritual and offering her a gift from your heart for the pain humans have caused Her.


  • Make an offering of water to clear the way for humans to remember their true place in the family of beings. Offer this inside a circle of wood ash (ash is a barrier and seals the ritual space in. If you do not have access to wood ash or ash of any kind you may create a circle with any herb ground into a powder You create the circle and then pour the water into it as you make your prayer. It is good to speak you prayer aloud if that is possible, otherwise you may whisper it quietly under your breath.) Make this offering at the base of a tree.


  • Make an offering of birdseed to the animals to acknowledge our (humans) mistreatment of them. Go to a place in the wild (Away from the everyday. This can be a place that is wild in a local park but it would not be your backyard). Take birdseed into your hands and speak your prayers for the animals into it, asking to be open to their wisdom once again. (This is not limited to only wild animals. It is all animals.) Spread the birdseed by tossing it onto the Earth from your hands as an offering to the animals both on this plane and the spiritual ones.


With these offerings you are opening yourself to being guided on how to live in right relationship once again on this planet. It is a beginning, an opening. Keep Listening.


willowA Ritual to Help Support the People Standing up for their Rights at Standing Rock

(Many of us are concerned for and in solidarity with the protesters at Standing Rock in North Dakota. These rituals are what I received when I asked how to best support them)

  • Make a prayer flag out of black cloth with the symbol of a white dove painted or drawn onto it.

Ask the Cosmic Ones to protect the land at Standing Rock from further desecration. As you paint the dove symbol onto it, ask the Cosmic Ones to please bring their blessings to that place.

When this part is complete, bury the flag in a place in the Earth, asking the Underworld Goddess to awaken in that place (Standing Rock) and reclaim her place in the heart of that land. Ask the Earth to nurture and protect those who are there fighting for Her. Once you have covered it, onto the place where you have buried the flag, offer oil (1/2 cup high quality vegetable oil) to heal the membrane and barrier that has been compromised there.


  • In support of all the people protesting at Standing Rock and in support of Standing Rock in other places, offer a cup of warm broth to the ancestors of that place, (Standing Rock), asking them to keep all fed and warm. You may carry out this part, the broth offering, as often as you wish to.

You may leave it out on your counter top or at an altar or shrine that you keep or tend or outside under a tree, each time speaking to whom and what it is for. It is for the ancestors of that place to keep everyone nurtured and warm. This supports the ancestors in supporting them.

~Theresa C. Dintino

©Theresa C. Dintino 2016