Stories They Told Me

Announcing the new publication of the second novel in my Crete series, Stories They Told Me, in paperback and ebook format.

My first novel, Ode to Minoa, is the journey of snake priestess-prophetess, Aureillia, in Minoan Crete (1600 BCE) who, through a series of trance visions, witnesses the murder of the Goddess and the future of women as a result of this loss. After I completed that novel I wanted to understand what happened to men with the loss and murder of the Goddess. Stories They Told Me is the culmination of that effort. The novel explores the separation of men and women and the disconnection of men from the precious ‘spirit of the soul’ as a consequence of this global trauma.

Stories They Told Me is a multi-layered exploration of this issue from many points of view and timelines but most important of all, from the point of view of characters who have not yet experienced this loss.

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Book description:

In an underground temple on the island of Malta, Danelle and Aureillia, two lovers, witness a vision of the future that horrifies them. The shock is so great that Aureillia returns to her home in Bronze Age Crete. There she is surprised to find a prophecy she gave years before as a Snake Priestess resonating through the community in ways unexpected. Danelle journeys to Africa. With the local shaman as his guide, he explores the heartbreaking questions of his soul. Their searching leads them both to explore the multi-layered dimensions of time and simultaneous lifetimes. Will they ever reunite and face the challenges that the vision revealed to them?

If you are interested in shamanism, the Goddess, and what separates and reconciles men and women, this is a book for you.

Stories They Told Me is a worthy companion to Ode To Minoa. Drawing from deep wells of wisdom, Dintino’s visionary fiction provides profound insight for personal and cultural healing.”-Mara Lynn Keller, Ph.D., Director of Women’s Spirituality, California Institute of Integral Studies

“Marvelous exploration of the Minoan culture.”-Marione Thompson-Helland, The Beltane Papers

“Connects through time and space to other women who have walked the path of the Goddess.”-Willow LaMonte, Goddessing Magazine

This book, for me, was the beginning of a conversation. At some point in the future, I plan to write the third book of this trilogy. It intrigues me to imagine what that might be.

~Theresa C. Dintino