Strega Tree is a Center for Divination, Elemental Earth Medicine, Remedies and Courses of Study

 Strega Tree is a collective of diviners working with the elemental beings, Earth, cosmic entities, our own ancestral lineages and the Dagara tradition of divination from West Africa.

Our purpose and intention is to bring healing by listening deeply to beings in the other dimensions for what is needed at this Time on the planet. We offer divination sessions in person or distance sessions for those not in proximity to one of our diviners.

Strega Tree has a center, The Strega Center, which hosts classes in Earth medicine and divination, facilitates custom designed rituals and creates products for our Apothecary.

In the years since becoming a diviner, I have been blessed with a group of fabulous mentees who are now fabulous diviners. As this group grew and strengthened, it became clear that it was turning into a collective. As that collective grew, it needed a center from which to make offerings to the community and continue to grow in the work. Thus Strega Tree was formed.

For now the center is virtual with the intention of having a physical location someday in the future. Please visit us and meet our diviners, explore the styles of divination we offer, peruse rituals we offer and consider enrolling in classes when they are offered..

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We look forward to seeing you all at as our offerings increase and the work grows stronger.

I will continue to maintain Ritual Goddess as my personal, individual site.

~Theresa C. Dintino

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