I am happy to announce the opening of the Strega Tree Apothecary at stregatree.com, my sister site for the Strega Tree Collective that has and continues to form around the divination and Strega work.

When I first received the message from my elemental being friends and ancestors that I should start an apothecary, I imagined it would be offerings of medicinal herbs and remedies much like my great-grandmother had used. She was an herbalist and a midwife. But, much to my dismay, I was not schooled in this and I had too much on my plate to take it up.

Knowing I was unschooled in what would be considered traditional apothecary items, I wondered what they meant by Apothecary. As always, when being guided and led by the wedeme, you can think whatever you want but (thankfully) they have ideas of their own. You just have to be willing to listen and welcome the unexpected. Be wiling to be delighted, is how I think of it now.

And it has indeed been such a delight to listen for the products and the rituals that go with them and, once we receive them, to ponder over and contemplate that these are the medicines the wedeme feel are most needed on the planet now.

Interesting to be launching a product called remedy to heal violation at the same time revelations of sexual assault and violation are appearing every day in the news. Well, they do know what they are talking about, the wedeme, even if we might not.

We have carried out shell divinations and stick divinations, dreamed and visioned, we have worked long and hard to bring these products to you. It has truly been a labor of love on top of our already full lives.

My daughter, Mia Szarvas, has designed the logo and the labels, and Sarah Wieland, the first student I initiated as a diviner, is my partner in this apothecary work. Without her guidance and cool headedness, skill and  craftswomanship, incredible care and love for the work, we would never have reached this place. Thanks Sarah.

We begin by offering four protective balms for sale. Each comes with a custom created ritual from the wedeme to you to carry out upon receiving your remedy. There are more on the way. The wedeme wanted their own line so there is a whole line of wedeme heart blends nearing readiness and a line of inner earth blends arriving even sooner. And oh so such more, including traditional apothecary items for, as luck would have it,  many of the new diviners in the Strega Tree Collective are indeed schooled in the use and benefits of medicinal herbs. The creativity is endless. It’s fun and it’s hopeful and it’s healing. What more could we ask for?

Come delight in the gifts the wedeme, kontomble and ancestors wish to offer to you.

Check it out at this link.

Heartfelt blessings and love to all,

~Theresa C. Dintino

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