Strengthening the Body Systems- A Ritual in 9 Parts: Session 4-Friday, September 9 at 10:00 am

oak tree

Ragle Ranch Park

Sebastopol, CA

At the request of Earth’s elemental allies, Strega Tree*, will be guiding 9 free group rituals to strengthen the organs and repair the membranes of all the physical bodies in our community.

Due to the increasing overload of rays that penetrate the Earth from deep in the cosmos, and also from our modern technology, the bodies’ systems are taxed. The Elemental Beings, whom we refer to as the wedeme, have reminded us that the body is made up of membranes that protect our systems. These membranes need to be tended and strengthened. We have been gifted with a ritual to restore the original pattern of the bodies’ systems and would like to share these sessions with the local community. The body systems are influenced by the nine dimensions. To learn more about the nine dimensions you can read a blog post at this link.

To learn more about the concept of the membrane, you may want to read the following two blog posts:

Membranes of Hope and Tending to The Village Membrane:

Session 4 will be held on Friday, September 9 at Ragle Park in Sebastopol at the Grandmother Oak. (contact me if you need a map.) We will gather at 10:00 am and the session will likely take two hours. The 4th dimension aligns with the 4th chakra. This is the layer of collective consciousness around the Earth which includes archetypes and the feeling realm at the level of group mind. This strengthening session will affect the lungs, nervous system, brain, pancreas, liver, shoulders and arms and is influenced by the planet Mercury. You will be invited to call in your own extended community network to be healed along with our group. Please bring something to sit on and your own water and snacks. We will be in the shade of the oaks. Our fifth session will be on Friday, October 14.

If you are unable to be physically present in Sebastopol but would like to participate remotely, contact us and we will send you instructions for doing so.

*Strega Tree is a collective of diviners working with the elemental beings, Earth, cosmic entities, our own ancestral lineages and the Dagara tradition of divination from West Africa. Our purpose and intention is to bring healing by listening deeply to beings in the other dimensions for what is needed at this Time on the planet.