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Yggdrasil: The Scandinavian World Tree

Myths are cultural stories that reveal to us what happened to the wise ways when they were forced underground in the times of persecution. Often the myths have originally come through divination, which indicates the medicine people saw what was coming and divined on it. Large portions of the Norse myth cycle have come through the Völupsa, (song of the völva) a lengthy divination given by an ancient priestess-diviner of this tradition. The divinations were retold orally in prose and poetic form and eventually written down as The Prose Eddas in the 13th century in order to preserve the...

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Gullveig—The Golden One

The gold being returned to the Earth is Women’s Medicine. It was hidden away in a treasure box deep in Earth’s ocean depths, guarded by a serpent commissioned to not allow anyone access to it. The treasure box that contains Women’s Medicine is now freed. The serpent is redeemed and honored for its protective vigil. The gold is, in part, related to the star wisdom that was lost from Earth. Women’s Medicine is intricately connected to star wisdom. It is not medicine only for women but for all of Earth’s beings. It is medicine that is held and administered by women. Men can access and help...

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The Norse Völur: Ancient Seeress Diviners

At the root of the Norse myth cycles are women called völva (singular) or völur (plural). These are priestess diviners or seeresses whose work was esteemed and depended on for a long time in the Norse lands by humans as well as gods. In one of the myth cycles Odin actually awakens a dead völva for a divination on the future of his son. She acquiesces, revealing to him the unhappy fate awaiting him in this regard. In fact the whole Norse myth cycle is based on a divination called the “völupsa,” meaning “song of the völva” or “prophecy of the seeress.” The word völva translates to “staff...

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