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The One-Breasted Woman

  There is a shrine in the Dagara tradition that falls under the category of the Saazumwin. She is called The One-Breasted Woman. The Saazumwin are the ones who stretch between the Earth and the stars. They are the beings from the space above, the light beings, the star beings. They are cosmic and benevolent and can often be seen as what many call angels. (To learn more about the Saazumwin, see chapter 10 of my book, Notes from a Diviner in the Postmodern World: A Handbook for Spirit Workers) I was told very little about this shrine when I was first told to make it. I was told to make a...

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Treasure Box

The muse of lost treasure Bestowed upon me Her necklace. Silver and gold Iron and copper (star boned)   To have and to hold her light was bright white diamond danger (I open the chest to see her legacy) dangerous to know (golden tresses and jeweled robes) Mnemosyne remember me   (I tip my head, left ear open to the voice) above me. Diamond star wombed white light shines down upon me opening the box brave one   to unlock the portal of remembrance to the all (star bones)   the voice of the womb star echoes the grandmothers’, deep in the earth starmothers wait watching for the granddaughter to...

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