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A Solstice Story

Yes, Virginia, There is a Newgrange by Theresa C. Dintino Learn more about Newgrange Temple in Ireland at this link. Virginia Woolf London, 1941 Because we forgot how to console ourselves, because we forgot our connection to the Earth, to the sky, to the smallest cell within us, the most encompassing black hole surrounding us—because of this, we know despair.      Once, we walked to Newgrange.  Once we knew, the snow crunching for miles beneath our feet, we knew how important it is to remember —to remind ourselves, to experience rebirth and so, believe again.      I laughed when I wrote...

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The Sun—Protecting Ourselves from Grandeur and Overexposure

Membranes of Hope: Part 3 The Sun’s Largess In a divination carried out inquiring about the nature of the Sun, a group of colleagues and I were told it is up to us to protect ourselves from its largess. The Sun is the Sun. It cannot help how large it is. It cannot hide itself. It is aware of its size in relation to the other beings in its immediate surroundings, but there is nothing the Sun can do about it. The Sun can only be the Sun. The Sun said, “I cannot hide myself. Beings need protection from me.” And that is on the beings. It is up to us to put up the safeguards to protect ourselves...

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