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The Walnut Tree of Benevento Italy

The town of Benevento, Italy is famous for the legends of its ancient walnut tree. The Streghe danced around this tree in ritual celebration until it was deliberately cut down in 662 AD. According to Raven Grimassi’s research, the spiritual power specific to the walnut tree connects to otherworld guides and the faery realm. The deep roots reach into the realms below. When the Streghe danced around the sacred tree at Benevento, they were pulling up the underworld power that had been collected and stored by the roots. “The power is drawn up by the circular dances performed around its trunk.”*...

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The World Tree

In many traditions there is a cosmology of the “World Tree.” In this belief system, the World Tree creates and maintains the directions. The World Tree imparts structure and order to the world. It provides rhythm and sets the pulse of time. In most traditions there is also a correlation between the World Tree and divinatory/oracular gifts of the medicine people. The diviners are in intimate relationship to this World Tree entity, listening and transmitting information through the dimensional fields of time. In Scandinavia, the World Tree is an ash tree called Yggdrasil (igg-drah-sill). The...

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