Barbara Hand Clow is an author, astrologer, researcher and teacher who focuses much of her work on the implications of the Mayan Calendar and the Time of change we are currently undergoing as members of the Earth and galactic community. Through her Irish and indigenous “Turtle Island” grandparents, she was taught what she calls the true story of the Earth.

The true story of the Earth includes a cataclysmic event that occurred on Earth in the Holocene era (9500 B.C.E.) disrupting all life systems of the planet and altering our sense of Time. This created a field of trauma Hand Clow names Catastrophobia, within which humans are still engulfed. Before this cataclysm, humans lived in a time of general peace and prosperity which she calls the Global Maritime Culture. The cataclysm imprinted humans with a terror we have not fully metabolized. Though the cataclysm happened in the past, we project it onto the future and live in a perpetual state of fear. These theories are fully covered in her books, The Mayan Code and Catastrophobia, recently re-released as Awakening the Planetary Mind.

Through a female being from the Pleiades named Satya, Hand Clow was taught that the “Earth is a realm that holds 9 dimensions of consciousness that all humans can access.” Before the cataclysm this was a natural state for humans. Now is the time for us to begin to consciously access these dimensions and become 9 dimensional humans once again. This is The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions

According to Hand Clow, the 9 dimensions exist along the axis of the World Tree, which is grounded in the center of the Earth. The World Tree is the cosmic creative force that creates Time and all the dimensional realms. Belief in the World Tree is a global phenomenon found in differing cultures by different names. In this model, the center of the Earth is the 1st dimension and the center of the galaxy is the 9th.

It is crucial for us to return to relationship with the 9 dimensions. This reorients us inside the cosmology of the World Tree. It also familiarizes us with the energies and qualities of the unseen worlds in order to better interact with and listen to them.

Being grounded in our own inner World Tree orients us in our own lives as well as the larger stories we are embedded within. Generating the World Tree in our bodies serves as a grounding energy for everyone around us. One way to begin to ground into our own World Tree is to learn the 9 dimensions that exist along its axis.

The 9 Dimensions

1. The 1st dimension is the iron core crystal at the center of the Earth. The core of the Earth pulses at 7.8 times per second. This dimension corresponds to our own inner core. When we match our own inner core to the core of the Earth, we are truly centered. Being “synched” with the center of the earth allows us to be nourished by the rich, dark energy held there. We must connect with the pulsing iron center in ourselves as well as the planet.

The crystal core of the Earth is in relationship with the center of other planets and the centers of stars. We too can access these other “centers.”

2. The 2nd dimension is the space between the center of the Earth and the surface of the earth, also called the “telluric realm.” This is the underground Earth which includes underground water, mountains, the deep magma. This is the realm of the earth elementals. These guardians and keepers of the inner earth facilitate a relationship between earth and humans. The 2nd dimension corresponds to the inside of our bodies. Metals and crystals, with their power of transmission and reception, serve the same function in the Earth as in our bodies, facilitating relationship between this world and the others. It is the job of the elemental beings to keep the “fires” of the inner earth(s) burning. They need our help with this. They in turn help us.

3. The 3rd dimension is our embodied 3D reality. This is the realm where humans are most focused, therefore, it is also the realm where we have the most power. We can use our power and the magic of 3D physical embodiment to affect the other dimensions. We must be firmly grounded in our 3D physical bodies to access the full power of the 9 dimensional paradigm.

If we are not properly grounded in the 1st and 2nd dimensions and our 3D physical bodies, we can misread and/or be manipulated by information from the collective consciousness of the 4D as well as beings in other dimensions.

Being grounded in our own bodies means understanding our own emotional response patterns to the feeling realm of the 4th. It means that when we are triggered by strong emotions and experiences, we are able to remain stable and be clear. We remain calm and observe ourselves in relation to these emotional events. We must feel our emotions and learn from them but not allow ourselves to be unconsciously controlled by them.

Receiving messages and signals from the other dimensions through our 3D physical bodies is the power of the 3rd dimension. The 3D is the realm of the embodied sensual experience filtered through the Pleiadian love and light realm of the 5th.

4. The 4th dimension is a layer around the Earth. This layer collects messages from the 5-9th dimensions and splits them so they can be delivered to Earth. The light (information) from 5-9 is delivered through the lens of the 4D. The 4th dimension is also the realm of myths and archetypes, collective consciousness and group mind. This layer of consciousness is, in part, created by the group mind.

The 4th dimension is the realm of feelings. If we are not firmly grounded in the 1-3rd dimensions, our beliefs can be easily manipulated in and by energies caught in or acting upon this dimension through our feelings. Collective shadows can build up in the 4th dimension, and gain enough energy to take on a life of their own. I believe the energy of greed is one of these.

It is our personal responsibility to take a long hard look at our belief systems and ask where they came from and, if we are in a state of fear or paranoia, to look at why that may be. It is important to be mindful of any negative vibrations and frequencies we choose to participate with. These can easily add to or accelerate feelings and beliefs held in the 4th. We need to be consistently discerning of our own intentions.

When we are “hooked” negatively in the 4th dimension, we are run by fear or paranoia, over-identified with mythological gods and goddesses or constantly casting blame on some outside source for our discontent. We may also be involved in emotional dramas, personal or group, that promote polarity and division.

It is up to us as fully embodied physical humans to take responsibility for what we believe and promote. We cannot receive clean information from 5-9th dimensions through an unconscious and polluted lens.

Our true state of being should be one where we feel supported and nurtured by the collective realm of ancestors and the light of the dimensions of 5-9. If we do not feel this way then we need to examine our relationship with 4D and see what is out of balance. Who are your gods and villains? If you believe they have more control over your life than you do, you are mistaken. The universe is collaborative. Chose your collaborators wisely.

5. The 5th dimension is love, sensuality and light from the Pleiades. The human heart is the channel for love in the 3rd that is mediated by the 5D. The power of love is attraction, gravitational pull, sexuality and sensuality: orgasm. The stars created the elements of our bodies in their burning, passionate cores. Earth is bathed in the love-orbit (gravitational pull) of the sun. What pulls you toward it? What fuels your longing? What makes you say, “yes?” Love is the opposite and antidote to fear.

6. The 6th dimension is the realm of geometric forms and patterns. Patterns and geometric forms allow light and sound to manifest into concrete physical matter. The light from the 9th dimension and beyond comes through the 7th dimensional lens of sound which creates geometric forms in the 6th to birth the material world we live in. It is helpful to think of the dimensions in reverse order—from 9-1—in order to get the feel for how this works.

Forms that exist energetically in the 6th dimension are not only cubes and triangles but also “Dog,” “Tree” and “Human.” Indeed, the pattern of our soul is alive in the 6th dimension. By keeping a healthy relationship with the 6th dimension, we can remain united to our source soul and the intentions we came into this physical life with from the outer dimensions.

Returning to patterns of origin is an important practice. It is worthwhile examining any artificial imprinting that we may have adopted that is not our true pattern. Examining beliefs is not enough. Cultural conditioning and life experience can interfere with our patterns of origin. Re-patterning is the work of the 6th dimension. Trees can help return us to our source pattern.

Being aligned and connected to the World Tree keeps us oriented, balanced and grounded to true source rather than the artificial ones we may have been patterned to align with.

Ritual works at the level of the 6th dimension. Rituals offer form for energy to move through. In rituals we make offerings in a certain way, place and time. Group rituals at seasonal transitions were ways communities long kept themselves in synch and alignment with the greater cosmic forces they knew themselves to be embedded within. Understanding the form of the solar year, and aligning of self and community with it, is a large reason for seasonal holy and holidays.

7. The 7th dimension is the realm of vibrational resonance. The light from the 8th dimension becomes sound in the 7th dimension. Sound from the 7th creates form in the 6th. The frequencies of light and sound create all that is known to us as reality. Silence is full of sound.

Language is related to this dimension. What we speak is a form of sound. Hearing and knowing are two different things. Do we speak what we know? Tell the truth. The frequency vibrating through your body at any given moment is your truth.

8. The 8th dimension is light. Light generated from the darkness of the 9th dimension comes into the 8th to be the “all knowing One.” This is the light and knowing of the cosmos; the crystal clear intellect. Here is the place of Diamond Clarity where there is no shadow. In this dimension we can interact with the One or whatever you perceive the divine to be. In the 8th we can also have access to an understanding of the vastness of All Time. All Time is held here in the interfacing light patterns of All That Is. Here are the councils of great beings and what some call “the galactic federation.”

9. The 9th dimension is Time, the creative/generative source of all. Here is Origin; source. In this center of the galaxy, all time is created. Alive Time creates all that has ever been and ever will be. In this spinning, black, womb hive, tendrils of darkness flow forth and are turned into light in the 8th dimension. The light interacting with this fecund darkness gives rise to experience. Experience creates more experience and the many intersecting layers of Time. Though in the 3D, we experience these as past, present and future, they are all part of the fecund now. Accessing the 9th dimension gives us access to all the dimensions beyond 9. This is the center of the vortex of All Time.

~Theresa C. Dintino 2015

Sources: Barbara Hand Clow: The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions, The Pleiadian Agenda, Catastrophobia, The Mayan Code

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