The Importance of Orienting Ourselves

imgres-2Since the following information has come up recently in multiple divinations both given and received, and seems to be very important for humans at this time on the planet, I decided to share it here for those of you who may want to incorporate it into your practice if you do not already.

What we are told over and over again is that we must orient ourselves in space and time. The first thing to do is to orient yourself by finding out where the cardinal directions are in the place where you live, work and do medicine. North, East, South and West. If home, work and where you practice medicine are three different locations then do this for each place.

Creating a Simple Medicine Wheel

There are many ways to do this, depending on how simple or complex you wish to get. You can make a small circle or “medicine wheel” on the ground in your yard or garden, notating the directions with small lines or a stone or crystal. (Medicine Wheel is a Native American term.) The simplest medicine wheel we can make is a circle with a cross drawn into it creating 4 distinct sections, one for each of the cardinal directions. This can be that simple.2-300x300

Or, you may choose to go to the edges/boundaries of your property and establish a marker there for its corresponding point on the horizon. Ideas for markers are: a stone, a birdbath, a tree, a bush, a shrine. Whatever you want to place there to mark each direction.

Some of these markers may be natural features that are already there. For example if there is a pine tree in the north, that can be your marker for north.

As time goes by, after you have set up your medicine wheel, you will begin to understand these directions as alive energies. You may wish to interact with them by making offerings to and at them, observing them throughout the day, season and year, and seeing what you notice.

Some of you may wish to do only this part and that is enough.

Placing an Element in Each Direction

Some traditions place a certain element in each direction, fire in the south and water in the west, for example. Many people I divine for have been told to notice the major natural landmark in the direction where they live and place the corresponding element there. For example, I have a large local mountain to the east, so I place the element mountain in the east. The ocean is to my west, so I place water there. That is just the way it has worked out for me. (It should be noted that in the Dagara cosmology which I am initiated into, mountain is one of the 5 elements)

Either find a template for which element you wish to place in which direction—you may choose a wiccan template or use one from Native American lore—or you can choose to listen in for your own. If you choose to go with the local landmark template, make a point to eventually go to each landmark with their directional orientation in mind and commune with them in that way. If ocean is in the west you would go to the ocean and interact with it as your far west and begin to feel the qualities of that western space with regard to where you live and work.

You may also listen for who is present in each direction. Is there an entity there, certain guardians at each direction? This kind of information and knowing will increase as you deepen your practice. Perhaps there is a color associated with each direction for you.

Honoring the Center

In the center can be a marker as well. If you wish to designate center, then know that out of that comes above and below, earth and sky.

Being oriented is very important for us. And we have forgotten this.

To deepen your practice, you can begin to notice the seasons, and observe the quarter and cross quarter days, watching how they interact with the directions by noticing where and when the sun rises and sets at these times. You can even get more deeply rooted by paying attention to moon phases in relation to your particular medicine wheel and then if you really want to go deep into it, begin to watch the stars.

Try it out. See if you feel more oriented and grounded in your place and your life.

~Theresa C. Dintino

©Theresa C. Dintino 2017