Updates Happen! It seems every so many years we all need to update our websites. For me there is always the initial dread but then it always becomes fun once I get into it, for updating a website is a very creative act. 

Have fun looking around at my newly refurbished space on the web. You might notice I took the opportunity to make changes and create new offerings.

Luna Moth Theme

As I was beginning to dream into the design of the new Ritual Goddess site I went home to New Hampshire for a visit. During that time I went on a hike with several members of my family. On that walk my daughter found a perfectly preserved wing of a Luna Moth which she felt immediately was for me. I put the wing in my journal to keep it safe, not knowing for sure what it meant. On the plane on the way home I received a text from my niece who lives in New Hampshire telling me that she had also found the wing of a Luna Moth on the windshield of her car that morning. 

That is when I knew that the Luna Moth would be the theme of my updated website.

The Luna Moth or Moon Moth represents mystery, transformation, rebirth and determination. Good medicine for this time. The Luna Moth is rare and mysterious. It causes one to catch their breath when they see it, when it reveals itself to them. The Luna Moth speaks to me of the transitory and ephemeral nature of life and our time on this beautiful earth. It would be best to celebrate our time here by remembering that fact and to allow our earth journey to be awe-inspired. 

I turned 59 this year, which means I have just completed what astrology calls my second “Saturn return.” It was a very intense and challenging year, forcing me to take stock of my life up until now while also charting my course for what remains. Coupled with menopause and aging, (not to mention life in Covid) the second Saturn return can pack a punch. I emerge reborn, recalibrated and more deeply in touch with the moon; Luna. 

Yes, this website update arrives at the perfect time. 

A few changes on this new site:

New divination offering:
Any of you who have had a divination with me know that they tend to be very long. So I decided to offer a shorter version:
One Hour/One Question
Remote or in Person

This option is an abbreviated stick divination in which we focus on one question for one hour.  Of course we never know what else may come up but we go for the ride remaining within the one hour time frame

Currently offered on Thursdays only

sign up here.


Book of the Month: December 2021
I will feature one book a month and that book with be 25% off
This month’s special is Teachings From the Trees

This book offers stories about my interactions with some of my favorite trees, healings they have offered and wisdom they have dispensed. It is also a guide for those who wish to cultivate or deepen their own relationships with the trees. I believe trees are the foundation and support of any spiritual practice especially one where we wish to return to right alignment with the earth and care for her life systems.  It is essential to know how to listen to the trees.




Classes in 2022
Watch for announcements about upcoming classes in 2022 for stewarding and tending to the spiritual health of yourself, your family, your community, earth and more by learning about the membranes and what they need for their care. I’ve already written the textbook. Time to spread the teachings.

Stay well as we head into the dark time of year and toward 2022.


(The image of the Luna Moth which graces my banner and this page is from OneSmallSquare.)

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