The Sun—Protecting Ourselves from Grandeur and Overexposure

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The Sun’s Largess

In a divination carried out inquiring about the nature of the Sun, a group of colleagues and I were told it is up to us to protect ourselves from its largess. The Sun is the Sun. It cannot help how large it is. It cannot hide itself. It is aware of its size in relation to the other beings in its immediate surroundings, but there is nothing the Sun can do about it. The Sun can only be the Sun.

The Sun said, “I cannot hide myself. Beings need protection from me.”

And that is on the beings.

It is up to us to put up the safeguards to protect ourselves from overexposure to its light and its “too muchness.”

One way to do this is by tending to the natural membranes and barriers the Earth created to protect herself, and all who live on her, from too much Sun. These include the intricately layered membranes of the atmosphere, stratosphere (ozone), magnetosphere and more. We have been failing in this task, allowing the Earth’s natural membranes to become compromised and frayed, leaving all who live on Earth in a state of constant overexposure.

The Sun Needs Our Protection

The sun said, “I need your protection.”

It is strange to think that the Sun needs our protection. How could a being so powerful and large need protection from us? It is interesting to ponder that by protecting ourselves from it, we in turn protect the Sun.

We were also cautioned to look at other energies in our environment that are large and cannot help their largess. An immediate and easy example is technology and “media” which are big and in our spaces always. We must take responsibility to protect ourselves from them thereby protecting them from us. Bet you didn’t think that technology and media need protection but, guess what? They do.

Take time to consider other energies in your environment that are very large and need your protection.

Beware the Spotlight; You Might Start to Think You are the Sun

“Do not stand in the bright lights for too long,” the Sun warned and showed a person in the spotlight, on a stage, in front of a lot of people, getting a lot of attention.

“You should be reflecting me. Do not overexpose yourselves.”

When the Sun said this it was clear the word overexpose had two meanings. One was to not be overexposed to the Sun. Retreat, find darkness, go inside, seek shelter. But also, don’t overexpose yourselves to others. We must take care of this ourselves. If we stand in the bright lights for too long, constantly seeking, needing and/or getting attention, we will indeed burn out.

“The spotlight cannot reflect.”

We should be emulating the Sun, beaming light back to it and to each other. We should not be taking it all in for ourselves. We are indeed not the Sun.

“Stop taking credit for me,” the Sun said. You are all a reflection of me.”

“Stop being so focused on being spiritual. Why are you so focused on that?

Rather, focus on being reflectors.

Stop focusing on projection. Why are you obsessed with that?

Focus on deflection.

If you reflect then you deflect and you protect. Reflect, deflect and protect.

Keep your membranes well fed.”

How do I Reflect the Sun?

We must first remember the role of our skin in reflecting the Sun. Stand with intention looking at the sun, allowing your skin to reflect back to it and holding that intention in mind. It can be that simple.

We were also given the following short exercise for how to further reflect the Sun:


Arms out to side


Hands to heart while bending forward

Hands to ground asking Earth to shield us from the Sun and its harmful rays.


Protecting Others From Ourselves

We must protect others from ourselves.

It is necessary to look at the ways that we ourselves can be too large and find ways to protect others from overexposure to us.

If we are not centered, are feeling frayed, or burnt around the edges, we must take ourselves away to center, to ground. We must take ourselves out of exposure for a time, to and from others, information and experience.

Retreat within, be alone, stop using media, refresh and nourish in the darkness. I know that we hear this a lot but it is critically essential for us to take this seriously. Protecting ourselves protects others.

Do not expose other people to your own unprotected (and possibly toxic) light caused by your frayed and burnt membrane.

Keeping Our Membranes Well Fed

One way to truly protect our youth, our communities, and us is by tending to the many membranes that hold and contain lifesystems. I have written about this extensively in the two blog posts listed here.

Membranes of Hope and Tending to The Village Membrane

I discuss how to work with oil as an offering and remedy in this post.

The first membrane is the most crucial and that is the one around the “Library of Your Soul.” We must center, as much as possible, and centering begins by retreating to this place inside ourselves that is uniquely ours.

The Sun’s Request

At the close of the divination, the sun left us with two requests.

“Please shine your light back to me and upon each other.”

“And please be noble behind your shields of reflection, deflection and protection.”

Unlike the Sun, we can hide. But, the Sun petitioned us to:

“Please be noble, even when no one sees it, even when you can hide, even when you can choose not to be, please be noble.”

~Theresa C. Dintino

©Theresa C. Dintino