In the middle of a group divination inquiring into the properties of oil, when I stated aloud that oil and water are not compatible, I was given a very big scolding by the wedeme (elemental beings of the wild). What they told me next was compelling to me. I wish to share it here.

Just because oil and water interact in a way that we define as incompatible does not make that the truth. Oil and water are perfectly made for one another. Their interaction and repulsion is a perfect compatibility which actually allows life to happen. The fact that oil can repel water allows many lifesystems to exist. It is a necessary relationship. I was scolded for thinking this is an incompatible relationship. They are perfectly compatible, wedeme corrected.

Ok. I was listening. They continued.

To think that the normal relationship between oil and water means they do not get along is completely wrong. They get along perfectly. It is our understanding of what it means to get along that is incorrect. Some things get along better when they are separated. When there is a barrier and they are each left whole. 

They showed lifeforms, cells, people inside their personal boundaries, and planets inside their magnetic fields and called them each whole. They said each must exist in its wholeness, communicating through the membrane barrier using electric signaling and metabolic functioning. They are completely whole with interiority and in communication and relationship with the other wholes around them. This is how life functions when it is healthy.

Being compatible does not mean being the same. If water and oil acted differently they would penetrate each other and no longer be whole. Rather, they are side by side and completely responsive to one another. We must allow beings to be in their wholeness, witnessing them and responding to them as a whole while remaining in our own integrity and wholeness.

We must understand there are different ways to communicate and different ways that we do communicate from within our wholeness rather then demanding someone cut themselves in half and exist inside our wholeness in order to be in a relationship.

Sometimes we blend and meld well with others, other times we have to say, “stay over there, give me more space.” That is getting along perfectly.

Everything must be in its integrity. We must allow everything to exist in its integrity. That is getting along. That is perfection.

Wedeme pointed out that it has nothing to do with liking everyone and being liked.  What is this thing you humans have with wanting to be liked? They asked. It’s not about that. It is about honoring each others’ integrity. They asked us, Can you exist within the system holding up the integrity of the system above all else? It does not matter who likes you. They showed the quantum realm, a whole field of discrete quanta that all exist as one community. They said,  This is the fractal reality of systems. You maintain your integrity and you allow others their wholeness.

And it is not for you to judge whether another is in their integrity. Another’s integrity is none of your business. It is not for you to police another’s integrity. It also does not matter if someone’s wholeness is bigger than another’s. You don’t have to be the same, look the same. Some may be very large in their wholeness. That is none of your affair. You allow them their wholeness. What is important is the integrity of the system.

This teaching has stayed with me. I often try to meditate on it. We talk a lot about our own wholeness, our own boundaries, but can we step back even a bit further to allow others theirs? Literally getting out of each other’s space enough to allow each other to fully bloom? And can we apply this to all lifeforms, not just human? What would happen if humans began to act like members of other life systems and actually did begin to put the welfare of the system above all else? Can we even begin to try?

Wedeme are certainly encouraging us to do so.

©Theresa C. Dintino 2017

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