The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon is a book and oracle deck made up of the letters of the Oscan Alphabet. Rauri and I are sharing some of the letters/cards in the deck in this and the previous post to give an idea of what you may find there. This week we share A Beautiful Rest. Read more about the Oscan Oracle here.


A Beautiful Rest comes to us to let us know that it is time to rest in beauty. We are in need of a deep, beautiful nap. Our brains and bodies are tired of this searching, and we have permission to lean back into rest and be held in beauty.


When A Beautiful Rest comes to you, you are being asked to rest your body in a nurturing and restorative way.


It is time for a beautiful rest.

Prepare a space in which to take a nap or rest outside if that is possible for you. Place four crystals and flowers around your body to guard your rest. Following this rest, it is recommended that you journal about the experience. Repeat this process three times over three days. Upon completion of this restful journey, our inner beauty is restored so that we can balance ourselves in this world.


Deep Dive

Nothing has been twisted so hideously in this world as the concept of beauty. Confusion surrounds beauty in such a dense fog that we can find ourselves lost in the throes of idealized and institutionalized beauty that are neither enriching nor cathartic.

True beauty comes from the mirror within our souls. Beauty is counter-point recognition, the inner landscape finding a reflection in the outer world. In this way, what one deems untainted and purely beautiful is a reflection of the beauty that is housed within. Real beauty is our way of seeing our true selves reflected in this ever-moving world.

When we find this reflection, we can rest our souls in it and take a much-needed break, knowing that we are meant to be here and that our world reflects and recognizes us. We can put down our constant search for meaning and justifying who we are and what we are meant to do with our time here. We can seize a rare opportunity to intuitively answer all of these questions without the burden of words or reason.


With twenty-one Oracle cards. The Oscan Oracle is a tool for you to use to access information from your spiritual guides, higher self and ancestors. It heals while also instructs and informs about the ways of the Janarra and the Moon. The Oscan Oracle also contains twelve moon meditations and a ritual for each of the twenty-one letters of the Oracle deck.

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