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Francesco Paolo Michetti (1852-1929): Famous Artist of the Abruzzo

Francesco Paolo Michetti  (1852-1929) is a famous artist of the Abruzzo region of Italy. Born at Tocco da Casauria near Chieti, a large percentage of his paintings are of his native Abruzzo. His paintings of the Abruzzo also give us a great idea and understanding of what life was like at the time he was alive, which for me matched closely  the dates of my great-grandparents lives that my historical novel, The Strega and the Dreamer, is based on. Michetti is another great resource for anyone interested in the Abruzzo of this time.   Read my most recent piece in Pollinate Magazine: The...

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Join me for this online event: Ancestral Herbs and Tree Medicine of My Italian Great-Grandmother, the Strega

I am having a great time putting together this talk. It has inspired me to reflect and review the past nine years since I published The Strega and the Dreamer  and put together new material about what this journey has been and how it continues to unfold. April 28th 6-8pm PST $10-$30 Donation Sign up and get tickets here A benefit for the Sonoma County Herb Association/Exchange Join Theresa C. Dintino in a live conversation about her great-grandmother’s teachings from the Strega tradition of Italy, including her favorite herbal allies, the meaning of the Cimaruta, (adorned branch of rue) the...

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