Membranes of Hope available in ebook format

Membranes of Hope: A Guide to Attending to the Spiritual Boundaries that Keep Life Systems Healthy from the Personal to the Cosmic, is now available in ebook format. Though I probably chose the most complicated title in the world for this book, the membranes as a concept isn’t difficult to understand. It is simply that everything that is alive is ensouled and everything that is ensouled has a container that is holding it. This container  is a permeable membrane which has its own integral or inherent intelligence and discernment as to what is allowed to get in and what must be kept out. It is...

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Co-dreaming with the Planet

The subject of tending to the Earth is one that can be extremely painful at this time. Many of us find ourselves in a state of despair over what is happening and has been happening to the Earth, not knowing in which way to act. Many of us wish to nurture, help, protect and support life systems but the damage to the Earth is so severe, we also understand that we may be beyond the tipping point. Because of this, many of our current efforts may feel futile. What can  a prayer or making offerings do to help with the climate crisis and extinction rates that are upon us? In an effort to help those...

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New Class for a New Year: Women and Ambition: Learn how to embrace ambition as the key to success 

A one day workshop with Theresa C. Dintino Saturday January 27, 2018 10-3 $80.00 Location: Sebastopol, CA Pre-registration and prepayment required. Register at this link: or go to under the classes tab  Studies show that the majority of women fear or have an ambivalent relationship with ambition, and an even more difficult time receiving recognition in a positive way.  The conflicted relationship with these crucial issues is what currently stops women from achieving their dreams. Come to this class to explore your ambition and your relationship to it. Learn the important...

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