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Membranes of Hope


The membrane is a permeable boundary with intelligence and discernment that allows in or keeps out that which it senses is appropriate for the lifesystems within it.

Spiritual, etheric, or bioenergetic membranes encase and enclose life systems, from the cells in our bodies to the cosmos around us. They contain, protect, and inform our personal souls, families, villages, the Earth, and extend out into the universe.

The role of the spirit worker has always been to tend to, support, and keep these membranes strong and supple so that what is held within them not only survives but thrives.

In this book, Theresa C. Dintino defines this revolutionary concept and offers the reader tools to learn how to engage in this work at any level they wish to participate.


There is no better time for this book and the work that flows out of it. Join the movement to care for and repair the membranes at their many levels to restore and maintain health in the lifesystems of the planet.

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Goddess Crafts Faire

Goddess Crafts Faire

Theresa and Strega Tree Apothecary will be at the Goddess Crafts Faire December 3 & 4, 11-7 Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St., Sebastopol CA Come on by for some seasonal cheer and entertainment. Strega Tree Apothecary will be offering 20 minute divinations for $30 on Saturday with Amy Tanzman Palmer and Sunday with Eleni Nicholas. Read more about these diviners...

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New Courses in 2023:  Learn How to Care for the Spiritual Containers or “Membranes” That Keep Life Systems Healthy

New Courses in 2023:  Learn How to Care for the Spiritual Containers or “Membranes” That Keep Life Systems Healthy

In the teachings I have received from my great-grandmother, an Italian Strega, it is time for us to attend to the containers that support, nourish and protect life systems. We call these containers or boundaries, "membranes." This is work that is crucial at this time on this planet. It has taken me a long time to receive, understand and organize this material into a clear...

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