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New 2nd edition paperback of my first novel, Ode to Minoa: Journey of a Snake Priestess

I have recently had the opportunity to revisit and publish a second edition paperback of my first novel, Ode to Minoa: Journey of a Snake Priestess I began this book in 1995 when my daughter was two and I was able to focus on writing full time again. I had “discovered” the Goddess in 1992 and intended to write a book about Lilith. I did massive research on Lilith but when I finally sat down to write this book it flipped into the novel Ode to Minoa. Lilith appears in its pages as a character.  I wrote the novel Ode to Minoa from a desire to imagine the past and also project into the future. I...

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What is Prophecy?

These Times We Are Living In There are many 911 calls being made to spirit workers since the U. S. election in November 2016, from both practitioners and clients. Many people want to know what is happening on the spiritual planes with regard to current events and how to address it from that angle. The truth is, many of us are deeply traumatized by the past election cycle. At a time where we were hoping to be moving into peace and light (as was predicted all over the place in the 2012 transitional cycle), it looks as though we are instead plummeting into darkness. What do we do? Who is behind...

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The Grandmother Goddess from Bulgaria

I was blessed to meet this Goddess at The Museum of Natural History in Vienna. She is called “the Lady of Pazardzik” and was found in central Bulgaria. She dates from 4500 B.C.E. I had stared at pictures of this Goddess for many years in Marija Gimbutas, The Language of the Goddess and The Goddesses and Gods and Old Europe. When I met her in person, quite by surprise, I was stunned by her silent yet profoundly deep presence. She did not have her own temple building like the Venus Von Willendorf, but was given a separate glass case in the corner. As I stare at her, I went into a small trance...

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