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After writing two novels about a priestess diviner in Minoan Crete and another novel exploring the Strega lineage in my family, in 2009 I was guided to embark on a journey to become initiated as a diviner in an ancient African tradition.

This ancient divination system has a potent field of power due to the consistency, devotion, and integrity with which the people of this region of Burkina Faso have preserved it for thousands of years.

This system of the Dagara people is facilitated through deep relationship with elemental beings called the kontomble and wedeme (the little people). Through this unique bond with them, a diviner is able to listen to and interpret information that is needed for the person who comes to receive divination.

For millennia, in every culture, priestesses, medicine women and men, were skilled in different forms of divination. They held these powers with the purpose of maintaining balance with the other realms for the good of the greater community.

Divinations can be carried out one on one for the personal level, as group inquiry or even at a collective community level.

I work in a form called “stick divination.” We hold the stick together and it shows me what I need to pass on to you from the spiritual realms. These realms include the ancestral, elemental and others. Each person has their own individual picture that emerges in the divination process and even more deeply with repeated divinations.

A session lasts around three hours.  Cost is $300 for in person, $300 for remote. 

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~Theresa C. Dintino