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Divinations with Theresa C. Dintino

Divination is:

• A time for checking in with the otherworld
• A time for deep listening
• A time for diagnosis
• A time for prescription—this style of divination is called “prescriptive.”

Prescriptions are given for issues detected that need your attention, or to promote certain possibilities, set certain intentions.  Prescriptions are mostly given in the form of ritual. These can be simple or complex.

You may be asked to offer milk to a body of water to connect with a spirit guide, to pour water to the earth to clear an obstacle in your path, requested to cook a meal for your ancestors for healing or to ask for their assistance.

It is all custom made for you and your journey.

How it came to be

After writing two novels about a priestess diviner in Minoan Crete and another novel exploring the Strega lineage in my family, in 2009 I was guided to embark on a journey to become initiated as a diviner in an ancient African tradition.

This system of the Dagara people is facilitated through deep relationship with elemental beings called the kontomble and wedeme (the little people). Through this unique bond with them, a diviner is able to listen to and interpret information that is needed for the person who comes to receive divination.

For millennia, in every culture, priestesses, medicine women and men, were skilled in different forms of divination. They held these powers with the purpose of maintaining balance with the other realms for the good of the greater community.

Divinations can be carried out one on one for the personal level, as group inquiry or even at a collective community level.

In a “stick divination.” We hold the stick together and the wedeme show me what I need to pass on to you from the spiritual realms. These realms include the ancestral, elemental and others. Each person has their own individual picture that emerges in the divination process and even more deeply with repeated divinations.

With voice divinations we have a conversation with the Kontomble generated by your questions on either side of a curtain.

“When one comes to a divination for personal reasons, they are told what they most need to know about the beings who are with them in the other dimensions (ancestors, guides, animal allies, elemental beings) and their life purpose.

Ancestral work is a large part of this system of divination, which is based on the belief that we are a culmination of those who came before us.  We need their help and they need ours.”

Membranes of Hope by Theresa C. Dintino

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