Recently the spirits have shown me a new way to make offerings to them with powerful symbols and forms using stencils! Some are geometric, others archetypal, others of nature or plant life, some that are personal to me. Symbols and forms have been coming up for some time now in my divinations and spiritual work. I have also been obsessed with the ones from the Neolithic Goddess cultures for many years: the spiral, the snake, the lunar crescent, comb, hook, axe, double axe, whirlwinds, symbols for water and earth, symbols for secrets.

One of my stencil sheets


When I wrote the novel, Stories They Told Me, I began to learn of the language with no words. This feels aligned with that teaching. The language with no words is the language of symbols, images, forms, therefore it is less intellectual, using different parts of our psyche and even brain.


This new way to make offerings came through when I was working with the Oscan Oracle Deck created by myself and Rauri Tor, and I drew the letter, “A New Form of Communication Wishes to Open.”

When A New Form of Communication Wishes to Open comes to you, it is time for you to learn a new form of communication and the language of that which is wishing to speak to you—a language beyond words. Remember, humility is the quality most needed when we are to learn something new or in a different way.

I performed the ritual that accompanies that letter to open the new language and to have it reveal itself to me.

This is what came through for me: making offerings in the language of symbols and forms. At first I thought I was going to have to go review and learn more about sacred geometry and I was feeling a bit harassed by that. It felt like homework. But then the spirits began planting images in my inner vision, of stencils with cornmeal, of making symbolized offerings. That felt more doable. I purchased some stencils and began to try it.

It felt really powerful to make an offering in the form of a symbol. It does feel like a new form of communication with the spirits and the spiritual dimensions. It’s a communication with the cosmos. I am sending this message through the dimensional realms but also, by making offerings in this way, I am also calling up the energy held by the symbol, the signature, making the offering even more potent because it is also carrying this code. The offering is encoded with the symbol.

When I made the offering of the cornmeal Goddess, I felt it sink into the below realm and emanate up to the above. I also I felt the energy of the Goddess radiate back to me. There was a resonance that lit up inside of me.

When I made the ash offering of the pentacle, I felt the symbol go to the center of the earth and then out to all life forms, supporting them. Since I consider the pentacle with the Fibonacci spiral emerging from within it to be a vital code for life, sending it in this way felt like an affirmation and amplification of essential elemental life codes.

I don’t want to get over analytical about all of this. It’s a signaling and a new way of communicating that I plan to continue to experience, to see what else may want to open up. It feels potent and it is fun. For now, I want to stay in the feeling realm with it all. I invite you do it too, if you feel so moved.

Things to know:

I have found that not all stencils work equally for this. For instance, if you look at the sheet of stencils above, the antlers and moons don’t come out that great. The triquerta or trinity knot, the Goddess, and the pyramid with eye work well. I deduce from this that the stencils with the finer lines are better for this mode of offerings.

Also, It matters how carefully you move the stencil after you place the cornmeal, ash. or other materials upon it. Lift it very careful for a clear image. Other substances I plan to try are beet root powder and ground hibiscus.

Blessings to all life and blessed be.

© Theresa C. Dintino 2024

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