The Paradigm (worldview) of the Goddess is a way of life, a way of being, a reality different and other than the current mechanistic paradigm (life as machine) we live in and yet the one revealed more and more through biology, physics, biochemistry and cosmology. This reality has also been confirmed to me through divinations I have done in my time as an initiated diviner.

When I first encountered The Paradigm of the Goddess in the books of Marija Gimbutas—wherein she catalogues the archaeological remains of Paleolithic and Neolithic cultures of powerful ancient women long forgotten, ancient sisters through time—I felt in my body the memory of a time when we truly lived in this way, in alignment with The Paradigm of the Goddess.

I have spent the past thirty years trying to listen to that memory. I believe if we can match the energetic vibration of that time and paradigm, remember it deep in our bones, it could find its place once again in current reality. That faint echo has been my guide and teacher. It has been an interesting, challenging, and exciting journey.

The Paradigm of the Goddess is a oneness, an interconnectedness, a wholeness which contains individual components that are each sovereign wholes while simultaneously one. The Goddess is source, source energy, source of all, womb that contains and holds all. We are embedded within her consciousness, nourished and sustained by it. She is the holographic universe of which we are part and parcel—holograms—as well as the vastness at once.

We live inside her body—a woven web—where there is instant communication and access to all.  We have forgotten and talked ourselves out of this truth. We must find our way back to it.

download-1A different version of this essay appears in the book, Goddess: When She Rules, expressions by contemporary women, edited by Catherine L. Schweig

According to biochemist and geneticist Mae-Wan Ho, PhD., the universe (Goddess) is an alive organism, a contained system, that operates the same way on the quantum and macrophase scales. Ho’s descriptions of the reality she observed in her time as a biochemist match what I call the paradigm of the Goddess. In her conclusions from years of work, I find confirmation. In my divinations it is this actuality I meet and am taught more about. It is important to me that certain disciplines of science are meeting and describing this same reality. We must allow ourselves to integrate this back into our psyches and try to live according to this knowing once again.

Within this system, Ho states: “each and every player, the tiniest molecule not withstanding, is improvising spontaneously and freely, yet keeping in tune and in step with the whole. There is no conductor, no choreographer, the organism is creating and recreating herself afresh with each passing moment”( This is a perfect description of The Paradigm of the Goddess.

Rather than an outside authority standing over a plant, telling it how to grow, there is the inherent wisdom within the plant (Goddess) that informs it how to unfold its lifeforce in sensitive relationship to its surrounding ecosystem.

This is a different view than we have been taught, unlike the human created systems we are surrounded by. And yet, this is how life is, works and sustains itself. Life is a self-generating, self-nourishing system, continuously reborn of its own being; one parthenogenetic whole in touch with all its parts. Or, as Ho says, “life is a process of being an organizing whole”(Ho 5).

Humans have constructed a false reality that is not in alignment with the integrity of life. This has created an artificial grid (an energetic webbing) around the Earth that we plug ourselves into in error. Many of us find ourselves disoriented and confused in our lives. “There is not enough.”  We live in fear, strive to get our needs met in unhealthy ways, fight for position, power and resources. Many are left behind in the wake of greed and hoarding by others. None of this is necessary or essential. It is all fictive lies created by the artificial grid that is only interested in feeding itself.

We have created this grid with our own beliefs. No one imposed this upon us. We believe life is a machine. We believe we are machines lacking interiority or having existence or relationships beyond the 3D. We channel our energies into systems that support this belief, powering it further.

And yet the truth is, we are alive within an alive cosmos.

This self-destructive myth we are currently living by is killing the planet. We must change this in order for Gaia to survive and humans to thrive.

Ho states:

“Contrary to the picture perpetrated in biology textbooks, which is largely a projection from our dysfunctional hierarchical social organisations, there is no controller versus the controlled within the organism. No instructions emanating from some central, controlling agency to the line managers and onto the workers”(

There is not one omnipotent “God” orchestrating things from the outside with the ultimate disbursement of punishment and shame if we do not do what he orders.  There is actually one Goddess, one Mother, who is holding us all in abundance, acceptance and unconditional love. If we could but turn our heads in her direction, we would feel it.

Instead we are turned toward this other reality—a projection. The spirits warn us in divinations that we are plugged into this wrong grid, giving our energy to false beliefs. “This is a syphoning off of human energy in the wrong direction,” they say.

To live inside The Paradigm of the Goddess once again is to change the way we conceive of ourselves. We need to change our minds about what we believe to be true; teach ourselves out of the mechanistic worldview we are inculcated into. When I say “we,” I speak of those living in the west or within the construct of the Western World. Indigenous mind still lives in what I call The Paradigm of the Goddess. They never left it.

Mae-Wan Ho:

“The reality is that each and every part of the organism is intercommunicating from moment to moment. Each player, down to an individual molecule, is as much in control as it is sensitive and responsive. And that’s what the organic whole is about, as opposed to a mechanistic whole”(

If we believed and knew ourselves to be nurtured and sustained, we would live in an immeasurably different reality. The Goddess is not merely a female replacement for the term “God.” It is an entirely different paradigm.

Begin by practicing the opposite of viewing everything as resource to exploit. Do not look upon the Earth as resource, each other as resource, your own dreams and passions as resource.

Instead, honor beauty. Respect the beauty of the Earth. Engage with things that are alive. With your energy, feed that which feeds life. Honor the cycles of life.

Plug back into and reconnect with the grid of the Goddess: the grid where all is alive, interconnected and responsive. The true grid, the original grid is The Paradigm of the Goddess.

©Theresa C. Dintino

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