We know about stewarding land, taking care of it, being responsible for its 3D components but what about its other dimensional aspects? There are entities and energies in ecosystems that need tending to. To be a spiritual steward is to be aware of these and to have a respectful and loving relationship with them.

This has long been the work of the shamans, medicine people and priestesses. It helps keep the Earth community coherent and human actions in balance with the greater whole. It is not a for pay job, rather a service that is offered to benefit the whole. It is also not a public job. There are people doing this work that most others know nothing about. This is as it should be.

How about becoming a spiritual steward to your location? Here are but some of the questions you have to begin to answer.

Who are your local mountain allies? Who lives on these mountains? How do they wish to be interacted with, fed and cared for? Who are your local waterways? Do you know them well? How do you tend to the entities and spirits that live there? Who are the original people of the place where you live? Have they made themselves known to you? How about the wild beings of your place? Are you aware of them?

The Earth needs her spiritual stewards back. Are you up to the challenge?

~ Theresa C. Dintino

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