Sometimes we carry painful memories or trauma from our family of origin in our bodies and psyches. Other times we carry deep ancestral karma: grief and unhealed trauma in our ancestral lines that live on inside of us. This can show up as a persistent negative  generational pattern.

Both of these situations can be experienced in our daily life as sadness, anger, despair, a sensation that persists despite our best efforts.

Carrying out the following egg extraction ritual can help alleviate some of this suffering.

Some background information on egg extraction and karma:

Egg extractions are used to remove psychic and energetic blockages in the physical and spiritual bodies that are caused by any number of events and experiences. These can be small slights that were never acknowledged and so remain and fester or larger trauma both physical and psychic that we continue to carry. It is important to clear all of these so that they do not become more deeply embedded as we age. If unattended to, unhealed hurts or negative memories can attract like energies and begin to compound current situations.

That is why it is so important to take responsibility to clear our fields and heal these memories and held energy in our bodies and psyches, so that we remain a clear lens and receptor for our current experiences.

This is important in any relationship and group, including  the interconnected systems of the family membrane. What we carry affects our daily experience.

April Online Class: The Family Membrane, What is it and how to care for it

Egg extractions are also used to clear ancestral karma

I see karma as embedded blockages or patterns that have been carried for one or more lifetimes, or as inherited. These sit at the soul level and are often remainders from events, relationships, past agreements, that have not been consciously transformed, or properly metabolized. By “metabolized” I mean digested and cleared, worked through so that they are no longer bothersome.

Ancestral karma is trauma, feelings, experiences that were left unmetabolized by our ancestors and therefore passed down to us. Clearing these often clears them for all the family systems of the family membrane. Therefore, it is a great act of service to attend to our ancestors and the “blemishes” on our ancestral lines.

We are all human and all make mistakes. Often there are emotional experiences that are too overwhelming to process in the lifetime in which they occur. Troublesome events and experiences must be fully processed and cleared, otherwise, they create what we call karma. As a descendent you can help clear and heal these.

The Ritual

  • For this ritual you will need one raw chicken egg
  • Often these rituals are done out in the wild so the egg can be left there to freely metabolize the materials it has extracted, allowing the wild creatures and the forces of nature to organically compost it. They can also be done indoors or in a backyard.
  • In this ritual, it is the egg that is doing the work. First, take the raw egg into your hands and ask it to carry out this healing for you. Thank it for being willing. Then tell it specifically what you are asking it to do.
  • Sit or recline in a comfortable position and feel into your physical and spiritual bodies. Take some time to get very quiet and relaxed, then ask your higher self to show or reveal to you where you are holding trauma and pain from your family or origin or ancestral karma in your body. If you identify many areas, the ritual can be repeated as needed. Try not to do too much at once.
  • Rub the egg directly on the area of concern, asking for this healing, allowing it to suck up the leftover anger, the embedded hurt and pain, the grief, the upset. It is not necessary to understand intellectually exactly what happened or what is held there. It is important to allow the energy held there to be released and transformed.
  • Once the ritual is complete, the egg is put into the water, left by a tree, or even thrown and allowed to break. Other times, the egg is buried. Trust your instincts with how to offer the egg once the extraction is complete. If you are unable to do this in the wild, try to leave the egg somewhere outside in your yard or under a tree in a local park. It is fine if an animal eats it and fine if one does not. Let the process go once you are done with it and trust what happens to the egg is what is meant to happen. Don’t worry about the egg once you are done.
  • In rituals like these, pay attention to feelings that arise when you do them and after. Healing often comes to the surface in the form of feelings, sensations, images, or even sounds. Know that this is the emotional or psychic material you are loosening and moving—which is the whole point of healing. Once movement happens, memories, feelings, sensations, etc. are loosened and can rise to the surface of your consciousness. This means you are successful in your work of transforming and metabolizing them.
  • Close the ritual by thanking the egg, the place where you are working, and the other elements you have called in for this clearing.

© Theresa C Dintino 2024

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