The Oscan Oracle book includes a section called Working with Lunar Cycles with a meditation for each moon of the year. Below, Rauri and Theresa offer the December entry to help you ground and center in what is typically a very busy time of year.

Working with the Lunar Cycles: from Aradia

The Janarra are beings of the Moon and as such, teach us that we are governed by Moon movement and medicine. The Moon is both knowing and mystery, light and shadow, solid (mass) and fluidity (water). The Moon is who we are as the authentic versions of ourselves, walking in delicate and cyclical balance with the world as we live out our human lives. There is a deep need in each of us to sync up with the Moon, to feel the current she generates in our inner ocean. This is our foundation; this is where we see the world from, how we handle situations, and make decisions in our lives.


December Cold Moon Meditation:

The winter cold has gripped the land now. Water begins to freeze and the earth stands still with only a cool wind to rustle dried leaves. The dark eats most of the light on any given day. The cold consumes most of the warmth. The Winter Goddess and the Moon are one—an ocean of frozen waves. It is time to meet the Goddess most commonly known as Cailleach. The old one, the Cold Goddess.

Meditation: The evening comes in the afternoon now and as the sun begins to set, you gaze out your window into the woods. A woman with a shawl around her body stands at the edge of the tree line. She is elderly, wrinkled, and smiling. Her name is Cailleach and she fears no cold—she blossoms in it. Her smile is one only a grandmother could give. She puts her hand to her mouth and whispers words, then blows them toward you. Her breath reaches the window and fogs the glass, and in the fog are the words she spoke. What are they? Capture this information somewhere either in a journal, painting, or drawing.


With twenty-one Oracle cards. The Oscan Oracle is a tool for you to use to access information from your spiritual guides, higher self and ancestors. It heals while also instructs and informs about the ways of the Janarra and the Moon. The Oscan Oracle also contains twelve moon meditations and a ritual for each of the twenty-one letters of the Oracle deck.

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