People come to divination for information and answers to questions they are holding. They are given much feedback, information and many suggestions. In the kind of divination I do—prescriptive—they are given rituals to carry out on their own after the divination has ended. These can be offerings to ancestors or work for their own healing.

The divination space itself, however, should not be underestimated. It is a field of potent energy. From the collaboration of the forces that show up and the humans in the room, much gets healed immediately in the divination space. By the time the person leaves the divination, things have already changed on some level. The work they carry out after is the continuation of this curative energy.

The divination space is a realm of actualization. What the diviner sees in the so-called future, are potentialities. The space of the divination enters the field of possibility. We not only have access to all time, we also have access to all space. The diviner is listening to information from beings in other dimensions that have a particular point of view that we as humans cannot often access from our 3D position. These new perspectives allow for alternative ways, solutions and cures that may not have been previously considered.

The divination space is one that holds many treasures.

~Theresa C. Dintino



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