Divination itself is a moment out of ordinary time. We must remember this in our interpretations of information that comes up. In divination, we have access to time in its non-linear form. We interact with the ongoing and never-ending spirals and cycles of time. Since this is something we do not always have access to, now and then, it is good to check in with time in its larger context.

Divination time is the deep present, containing within it all time.

For a deeper understanding of time you may find these three short movies I made helpful.  What is Time? Part 1: Transformations In Matter and Energy, Part 2: The Realm of Timelessness, and Part 3: Time is Nested and Layered Cycles

Sometimes when divine-es are prescribed a ritual to change something in their present lives, they are also told that when they do it, they will enter the zone of “no time” and have the ability to change it for all times. This is especially true in situations concerning a repeating pattern that has persistently passed through an ancestry or lineage.

Events that show up in a divination that happened in the “past” can be seen as energies stuck on the ongoing spinning spirals of time. These stuck energies continue to influence all times and can cause a lot of problems.

“Cosmic wrongs” that are not properly metabolized in this or other lifetimes can create a resonance with similar situations in the present, causing us to act in ways even we don’t understand.

Divination can bring these unmetabolized and stuck energies forward, offering us the tools to consciously repair them for all times.

Divination time is a potent force.

~Theresa C. Dintino


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