I wanted to let you all know that I am now offering Kontomble Voice Divinations. It has been a long journey for me to say “yes” to these magical beings and agree to let them borrow my voice so they can speak to all of you. I have finally arrived at a time where I feel I have the space and readiness to allow this to flow through me. I will always continue to to offer stick divinations. This is but another addition.

Kontomble are the elemental beings of the water. They are very cosmic. Highly sensitive, very tuned in with the oneness, the oneness of everything. Very tuned in with the stars. They exist at a very high vibration.

When one carries out voice divination, she is offering her voice to these beings, she is translating what they have to say. It is done in darkness, behind a curtain. You sit on one side, the voice diviner on the other.

I have a hut in my backyard where these divinations will be held. When you come, bring a quarter (a quarter dollar coin) for the Kontomble.

You may sign up for a Kontomble Voice Divination at this link.

Kontomble voice divinations can last for only 50 minutes. You can come by yourself and have the whole time to converse with Kontomble or you can share the time with two or three other people. You can come to ask personal questions, you can come to ask general questions. You can come with a group of more than three and ask a group question but whatever you do, come with questions. Since Kontomble Voice divinations are conversations, the questions are what drive the divination.

Currently, these divinations are offered only in person at my home in Sebastopol, CA.

Once you sign up, you will receive an autoresponder with the address and a link to schedule your time. Check your junk and spam folders. If I do not see that you have signed up, I will reach out to you.

Helpful hint:

When it is your turn to speak with Kontomble, it is proper to greet Kontomble by introducing yourself. “Hi Kontomble, it’s Theresa. How are things in your world? Or how is your family?”

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