In her fabulous book, The Rainbow and the Worm, Bio-Physicist Mae-Wan Ho informs us that all life is liquid crystalline.* This is a new finding, one that is hard for us to comprehend. How could we believe that we are liquid crystals? A crystal is matter in which the atoms are in an ordered, repeating pattern that extends in all three spatial dimensions. Crystals have long been used in electronics to amplify wave transmissions.

Because of their coherently arranged pattern of atoms, crystals are exquisitely responsive. Now cutting-edge, scientific research is proving that all of life, including human life, is liquid crystals. The liquid crystal state is one between liquid and solid, a “mesophase,” which is a tunable responsive system. Humans and life are tunable responsive systems. Liquid crystalline systems respond and tune themselves to electromagnetic messages in the environment. They can do this because they are coherent.

From quantum physics, quantum coherence is the way physicists describe the ability of quantum particles to be in touch with each other at very far distances and, though separated by space and time, to act as a unified whole. Quantum particles displaying coherence, though they appear to be separated, are able to communicate and respond instantaneously to messages and incoming information with no measurable time lapse and without traversing intervening space.

Coherence is a wholeness, a oneness, a unity, that exists outside the usual limitations of space and time. Mae-Wan Ho states, “Quantum coherence does not mean that everybody or every element of the system must be doing the same thing all the time, it is more akin to a grand ballet, or better yet, a very large jazz band where everyone is doing his or her own thing while being perfectly in step and in tune with the whole.”**   She calls it Quantum Jazz.

Dr. Ho asserts that the phenomenon of coherence exists in organisms at the macrophase level (larger than the quantum, micro realm), as well. This includes humans, animals, plants and planets. Coherence is a biological reality. The bottom line: We are quantum beings. The quantum realm is not disconnected from us, it is not some disembodied realm out there or under there that is fascinating but separate. It is not just a “scientific discovery.” It is the actual matrix of our being, of life, of the universe.

We are liquid geometries …held within other liquid geometries…all interacting instantaneously  and constantly tuning ourselves according to the information coming in. This reality  is what a diviner and other shamanic practitioners engage with in their work.

~Theresa C. Dintino 2014
* Mae-Wan Ho, The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms, (Singapore: World Scientific.1999)
** Mae-Wan Ho, “Bioenergetics & Biocommunication,” ( March 2008)

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