The Oscan Oracle: from the Ancient Janarra of the Moon is a book and oracle deck made up of the letters of the Oscan Alphabet. Rauri and I wanted to share a some of the letters/cards in the deck in the next couple of posts to give an idea of what you may find there. We begin with “Me Time” with Source. Read more about the Oscan Oracle here.


“Me Time” with Source

Source is the Everything and the All—the ubiquitous creativity of the cosmos. Some call Source the Goddess, others call it God. It is ever-here and ever-present, yet we must become quiet to notice it. By becoming quiet, we can tap into this potent and nourishing force whenever and wherever we wish.

When “Me Time” with Source comes to you, you are being asked to remember or deepen this deliberate communion.


1. Develop a practice of alone time and then, from that space, begin to invite in Source energy.

2. Slowly expand your alone time into deliberate engagements with Source. Allow it to enter you, and allow yourself to enter it. When you do this, you may feel what many call a “oneness with all.”

This practice does not need to be complicated or mean that you must “leave your life.” It can be one simple addition to your daily or weekly routine—a place for conscious engagement with Source. Suggestions for doing this are sitting with the same view every day, walking to the same tree every day, a morning meditation, or weekly services.

If we make a practice of doing this—getting quiet and intentionally tapping into Source—in a ritual that is repetitive and regular, this relationship becomes more readily present in our lives. We then begin to experience inspiration, illumination, and epiphany at will.

Deep Dive

At times, we all need to get away and be alone, remove ourselves from distraction and the mundane, and make space for deep inner listening and quiet. However, what we are truly doing in these times goes deeper than being alone and away from the chaos and noise of daily life. These are times to interact with Source—the Source energy of the universe, the Source energy of ourselves, and the ever-nourishing and ever-new fires of creation. This is why we often find ourselves so hungry for what we call “me time.”

If we can tap into Source regularly, we can achieve a state of deep peace and acceptance of all.


With twenty-one Oracle cards. The Oscan Oracle is a tool for you to use to access information from your spiritual guides, higher self and ancestors. It heals while also instructs and informs about the ways of the Janarra and the Moon. The Oscan Oracle also contains twelve moon meditations and a ritual for each of the twenty-one letters of the Oracle deck.

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