On Tuesday, October tenth, I was featured on the Awakening Aphrodite Podcast with Amy Fournier. Thank you Amy!

If you would like to listen to the podcast, go to Awakening Aphrodite (#196): Reconnecting with the Cosmos and Our Ancestral Lineage with Ritual Goddess, Strega and Initiated Diviner Theresa Dintino, or use this link.

You can also watch the full video on YouTube.

Here’s the breakdown of topics we covered:

00:09:25 Arriving At The Priestess Path
00:14:29 Transpermeable Consciousness
00:18:42 Reciprocity
00:24:30 Receiving The Gift
00:29:23 Spiritual Practices
00:31:27 Stick Divination
00:35:34 Healing The Collective Shadow
00:42:07 Connecting With A Wise Ancestor
00:46:56 The Soul Stamp
00:49:46 Fierceness In Women
00:55:29 Recovering Our Medicine Lineage
01:04:09 Advice For The Beginner

More about Amy and her podcast: Awakening Aphrodite:

Get ready to be inspired to live a healthy, fit and empowered life! In this podcast, you’ll find resources to harmonize your masculine and feminine energies to connect to your intuition and magic. Give your mind and spirit a boost through nutrition, exercise, mindset, and lifestyle choices so you can live from a trustworthy source of power. If you want to feel calm, confident, and RADIANT, tune in! I am Amy Fournier and I have been in holistic health and fitness for the past 30+ years, and now here to share my knowledge and that of my magnetic guests with YOU!

Website amyfournier.com/

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