My newest book, Membranes of Hope, is now available on Amazon or personally from me through this site. If you would like to order the book though me personally, purchase it here.

Membranes of Hope explains the basic concept of the membranes, the bioenergetic boundaries that contain, inform and protect lifesystems, and instructs and guides the reader in how they may contribute to their care. The book includes rituals to carry out  for each fractal layer of the membrane: personal, family, village, earth and cosmic and offers shrines to build to further participate in this work. Also included are stories set in communities whose membranes are intact. 

This book has been written for people already on a medicine path, those who are just beginning, or those who simply want to be of service to their community and the Earth in some way. The reader may enter into the rituals and work offered at whatever level they wish and with whatever degree of commitment they choose.

membranes of hopeThe membrane is a permeable boundary with intelligence and discernment that allows in or keeps out that which it senses is appropriate for the lifesystems within it. Spiritual, etheric, or bioenergetic membranes encase and enclose lifesystems, from the cells in our bodies to the cosmos around us. They contain, protect, and inform our personal souls, families, villages, the Earth, and extend out into the universe.  The role of the spirit worker has always been to tend to, support, and keep these membranes strong and supple so that what is held within them not only survives but thrives.

In this book, Theresa C. Dintino defines this revolutionary concept and offers the reader tools to learn how to engage in this work at any level they wish to participate.  There is no better time for this book and the work that flows out of it. Join the movement to care for and repair the membranes at their many levels to restore and maintain health in the lifesystems of the planet. 

Membranes arise from that which is held within them. They are organic to life. Life must have a membrane, all phases and stages. The membrane is determined by what lies within it and the health of the membrane reveals the health of that which is inside it. This dual reality is how life works and we can participate in this consciously if we only begin to understand and value it.

The many layers of nested membranes that protect life and help it thrive have been compromised and are in need of attention and repair. We are being asked to begin the work toward repair and recovery of our many membranes, be they biological, energetic or spiritual.” ~Membranes of Hope


sketch of me by Mia copy 2Theresa C. Dintino is the author of eight books and serves as a guide and spiritual mentor to many. While attempting to reclaim and restore her ancestral medicine lineage, the Italian Strega tradition, Dintino was surprised to be “claimed” by the West African Dagara tradition of stick divination. Honored by this invitation, Dintino pursued it, and in 2011 was initiated into this potent form of divination. Besides her family and daughter, this turned out to be the greatest gift of her life.

Stick divination helped Dintino find her way back to her own lineage and enables her to help others find and restore theirs. This beautiful practice of Dagara stick divination continues to offer countless gifts. In multiple divination sessions, Dintino was taught about the spiritual membranes that protect, nurture, and inform lifesystems.


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