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Join me for this online event: Ancestral Herbs and Tree Medicine of My Italian Great-Grandmother, the Strega

I am having a great time putting together this talk. It has inspired me to reflect and review the past nine years since I published The Strega and the Dreamer  and put together new material about what this journey has been and how it continues to unfold. April 28th 6-8pm PST $10-$30 Donation Sign up and get tickets here A benefit for the Sonoma County Herb Association/Exchange Join Theresa C. Dintino in a live conversation about her great-grandmother’s teachings from the Strega tradition of Italy, including her favorite herbal allies, the meaning of the Cimaruta, (adorned branch of rue) the...

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The Goddess Diana: the Tree, the Forest, the Grove

I have, for many years, been bothered with my inability to fully connect with the descriptions and definitions of the Goddess Diana of Italian lore. Being of the Italian Strega lineage I felt that of course, it should come automatically to me. But the truth is, until we have a direct experience with something, we often do not fully connect. We can read all the books we want but if we do not feel it in our bodies, it does not make sense. That is the way it is for me anyway. I knew Diana as the oak tree. That I could understand intellectually because my work is completely intertwined and...

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