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What is Prophecy?

These Times We Are Living In There are many 911 calls being made to spirit workers since the U. S. election in November 2016, from both practitioners and clients. Many people want to know what is happening on the spiritual planes with regard to current events and how to address it from that angle. The truth is, many of us are deeply traumatized by the past election cycle. At a time where we were hoping to be moving into peace and light (as was predicted all over the place in the 2012 transitional cycle), it looks as though we are instead plummeting into darkness. What do we do? Who is behind...

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Stories They Told Me

Announcing the new publication of the second novel in my Crete series, Stories They Told Me, in paperback and ebook format. My first novel, Ode to Minoa, is the journey of snake priestess-prophetess, Aureillia, in Minoan Crete (1600 BCE) who, through a series of trance visions, witnesses the murder of the Goddess and the future of women as a result of this loss. After I completed that novel I wanted to understand what happened to men with the loss and murder of the Goddess. Stories They Told Me is the culmination of that effort. The novel explores the separation of men and women and the...

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