Wedeme tell us that they work with the memories that are stored inside us, inside our bones, inside our psyches, inside our hearts. They tell us the memory of a thing is the song that it sings. They liken this to the way we can hear the sound of the ocean in many shells. They tell us it is the memory of the ocean held within that shell that we hear when that happens. That is also how they hear us.

They can hear us because they can hear the memory that we are singing. They say it is often a song that even we cannot hear, but they can hear it. I put “hear” in quotes because we must understand that how the wedeme hear is not the same as how we do and they do not mean only through their ears, if they even have them. Sound is vibration and vibration is energy moving. And this is how the wedeme hear.

The way wedeme hear is much more synesthetic than we do. Synesthesia is when we combine modalities of sensing in multiple ways simultaneously. For example, we may hear a color, see a sound, or taste a thought. Humans can “hear” this way as well, but synesthetic knowing is a potential that is not particularly activated in our species right now. In fact, many of us believe we cannot hear a color or taste a sound.

The fact that the wedeme used the word “hear” makes me believe that their way of hearing is one that feels the vibration (sound) and then sees the form that vibration (sound)is making. It is a multi-sensory experience, which for them, “reads” as a song.

The vibratory fields our bodies and minds express are those of the memories held within our cells, our DNA, our hearts and our beings. Wedeme say it’s not just the whole human being, “we can also palpate an organ in you and hear its memory. It’s almost like an echo.” They can hear the echo of the past through the memory.

It is interesting to ponder the function of memory as related to sound and sound as related to what we call memory. Memories are stored vibration, stored impressions, and stored experiences that emerge out of us as song. These songs our beings sing.

What about the future? A wise woman who was present for this divination asked, future memories? Can you hear that?

They repeated, the memory of a thing is the song that it sings. Time does not matter; it is still what they hear. Even if it is in the future, they are hearing the memory of the thing. They said, “that is how we know what you want. We sing your songs back to you. We remember who you are, that is why you need us so much right now. You need to remember who you are.”

We can also change memories, past and future. Part of the function of divination is to expose these memories or “songs,” heal and activate some, recall and bring back to life others.

The elemental beings are listening for our songs and singing them back to us that we may remember who we are. What a gift.

~Theresa C. Dintino

©Theresa C. Dintino 2017

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