The womb housed you as you were developing within your birth mother’s body. It fed, nurtured and protected you. Within that womb  you grew, developed, gestated. What if that safe womb container stayed with you throughout your life to shelter and shield you? Wouldn’t you want to know it, to be in relationship with it?

The membranes are the bio-energetic wombs.

The personal membrane is the womb that continues to house us energetically after birth. We can think of this womb as an alive energy pattern — web, net, aura — that remains with us throughout our lives, holding us, safeguarding us. The personal membrane is the womb you walk around in.

Initially, the caregivers protect it as we grow.

Ideally, after birth, parents, caregivers, community, Earth and cosmic forces continue to support this womb/membrane matrix. We grow up within this bubble of care, this membrane, and slowly develop our own interiority.  As we mature, we learn to care for ourselves. Part of how this happens is by discovering who we are and listening to our own membrane. By doing this we come to recognize our inner intelligence which gives rise to the discerning filter of the membrane.

The exact function of the membrane filter will differ for all of us depending on who we are and our unique experience of the world. One can only learn how to take care of their own personal membrane by “getting to know themself” and honoring this self.

Conversely, we may have been taught or guided to ignore our own interiority and disregard the messages from our energetic womb/membrane. Therefore, we may not have been taught how to take care of ourselves. This does not mean our parents or caregivers were bad or mean people, rather perhaps, misguided and likely not taught by their own parents and caregivers to care of and listen to their own interiority and membrane.

That is why it can be said that caring for the personal membrane also entails learning how to parent ourselves, nourish ourselves, love and radically accept ourselves.

Everything must be cared for, especially you. Life requires the most sensitive care.

We want to endeavor to know when we are off balance, when we feel overwhelmed or overextended. When this is the case and we need to pull in and offer ourselves care, we want to know how to do that and believe it is healthy to allow ourselves to do that.

We want to extend this understanding to each other was well. Ideally we want to allow ourselves to honor our own boundaries/membranes as well as extend that to others. In that way we offer the deepest care to all of our interiors.

Would we want any being to walk around unprotected and exposed? Would we want that for ourselves?

All of life, all life systems, need this kind of  tender and ferocious care. The quality of our personal membranes will determine the quality of care we can offer others as well as our village, the earth, and life systems.

The personal membrane is of vital importance. If we think of it as our energetic womb, do we understand just how important?

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